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Thread: NCAA Dynasty Player Submission Form

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    NCAA Dynasty Player Submission Form

    Dynasty Hall of Fame - Application Form

    The following is for you to fill out as it pertains to your player you are submitting.

    Player Name:

    Year Recruited:
    Star Ranking/Position Ranking:

    Key Attributes for Freshman Year:
    Key Attributes for Sophomore Year:
    Key Attributes for Junior Year:
    Key Attributes for Senior Year:

    Please use table to list his stats (Below is an example):

    Awards won through his career:

    Records set during his career:

    Teams W/L record during his career:

    Post Season Play during his career:

    Links to Key Games:

    Please Recap your players career:

    The following is intended to be filled out pertaining to your dynasty

    Link to your Dynasty:

    Gameplay Difficult:

    Recruiting Difficulty:

    Quarter Length:


    Once filled out, please PM Proof21 the application form. List the players name in the subject as well as the game played. Thank you and Good luck!

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    Interoffice Memorandum to Head Coach Clayton: Offseason Evaluation

    To: Head Coach D.J. Clayton
    From: Coaching and Training Staff
    RE: Offseason Evaluation


    Official School Documents
    Training Results

    Brief Summary:

    Included below is the training staff's statistical analysis of how our players rate. The grading is done on a 1-99 scale with a 99 being the best possible grade available. We have also included how much of an improvement each player made since last offseason's evaluation. Wide receiver Kinsman Thomas in our opinion has showed some big improvement. He had a tremendous junior year and will probably be our best offensive weapon this season. Also of note was the improvement of last year's starting quarterback Alex Gillett. Alex has taken some big strides during camp this spring and appears to be distancing himself as the clear starter for the coming year. As was expected, transfer halfback Carlos Hyde is the best player on our roster this season. We are expecting big things from him next year after he sits out his obligatory season. With the offseason evaluation now concluded, we are ready to begin finalizing everything for the start of the 2012 season.

    Training Results:

    No. POSNameChangeOverall
    8QBAlex Gillett+572
    14QBMark Iannotti+464
    12QBTyler Benz+460
    13QBAustin Karcher+349
    48HBCarolos Hyde (T)+483
    23HBJoe Fleming+570
    30HBBronson Hill+560
    83FBDylan Brooks+358
    1WRKinsman Thomas+575
    80WRNick Olds+366
    10WRCorey Manns+564
    18WRKevin Wheeler+461
    86WRL'Shane Bynum+455
    82WRTyler Allen+452
    17WRDonald Scott+450
    15WRJulius Shelby+450
    85TEGarrett Hoskins+470
    44TEAlexander Gudejko+463
    81TETyreese Russell+556
    88TEJordan Erbes+351
    77LTLincoln Hansen+462
    67LTCampbell Allison+553
    72LGAndrew Sorgatz+476
    69LGShawn Sinawe+367
    70CCorey Wateman+469
    60CJosh Woods+562
    75RGScott MacLeod+672
    74RGBobby McFadden+454
    68RTKorey Neal+474
    79RTOrlando McCord+464
    56LEAndy Mulumba+360
    95REKalonji Kashama+357
    43REDevon Davis+349
    59DTMatt Price+459
    92DTJacob Rich+453
    45LOLBDevn Henderson+568
    41LOLBDesden Hester+256
    47LOLBJustin Cudworth+554
    35MLBColin Weingrad+364
    40MLBSean Kurtz+457
    52ROLBSteve Brown+366
    13ROLBJeremy Curry+458
    31CBMarcell Rose+471
    5CBJa'Ron Gillepsie+568
    27CBKelip Goodwin+662
    29CBChris Dunlap+356
    39CBKenyarda Bates+449
    36FSSean Cotton+455
    32FSOliver Kathalay+445
    33SSAlex Bellfy+266
    46SSMatthew Brown+452
    97KSean Graham+677
    34KKody Fulkerson+468
    37PJay Karutz+473

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