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Thread: Cuban Missile Crisis

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    Cuban Missile Crisis

    Road To The Show: SP Isaiah Santana
    Cuban Missile Crisis

    Scouting Report

    Size, Delivery, Control

    Size – Santana is listed at 6’3″ and 182 pounds. On the mound, Santana looks like a string-bean, he is long and lanky. His weight is not bad weight by any means, however.

    Delivery – As a starter, Santana works from a position mostly similar to former-Giants' ace, Tim Lincecum.

    His kick is minimal, and then from that point, he uncoils toward the plate, holding his shoulder back and his hip back until his lead foot hit, when he launches the entirety of his body toward the plate in an incredibly quick and explosive delivery.

    He stays tall throughout his delivery, leading to solid plane on his pitches, but it also leads to his delivery being a bit stiff when he gets off in his position.

    Control (60) – Santana actually impressed scouts with his above-average accuracy showing, which was thought to be a major hurdle the flamethrower would have to overcome. Interestingly, he rarely misses the zone with his offspeed stuff, more missing the zone with his pair of fastballs, and often missing wildly for passed balls.


    Fastball (75) – Santana works primarily with a four-seam fastball. He can ramp it up to about 98-99, which is more than serviceable to say the least.

    The fastball by far is his dominant pitch, but with the high velocity and wish-washy control, it is susceptible to get him into trouble at times.

    He has 80-grade velocity on the pitch, but Santana does get knocked for the fact that he tends to hang high in the zone with his pitch, and it does lead to the most control issues of any of his pitches.

    Change Up (60) – Many have given lesser grades to Santana’s change due to its lack of significant movement, but he has excellent arm deception on the pitch, gets it down roughly to around 85 MPH on the pitch, and the movement difference is such that hitters look foolish swinging for movement that never comes.

    Cutter (55) – Reyes works with a hard cutter that has good velocity and a decent break. It is incredible how well Santana can work the pitch in the zone, though the break is not huge, so he doesn’t get a ton of swings on it, it’s more of a weak contact inducing pitch.

    MLB Player Comp

    Interestingly, the guy who reminds me most of Isaiah Santana is a guy who had a lot of press this last season and just a couple years ago was on prospect lists, Aaron Sanchez of the Toronto Blue Jays.

    Sanchez has a similar pitch mix, even if he operates just a hair different in velocity on his fastball. He was used in the bullpen plenty in 2015 to “save” his arm.

    Another guy that Santana reminds me of is Felix Hernandez, just in his demeanor alone.

    I could see Santana breaking into the majors as soon as 2019.

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    This mode is really sweet this year and I couldnt resist. You guys can post btw

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    Ch. 1: Welcome to the Showcase

    Mark Garcia, Player Adviser: Hola, Isaiah! Scouts were really impressed with the way you performed at the workout. Congrats, man.

    Isaiah: Thanks, Mark. So what's next from here?

    Mark Garcia, Player Adviser: We have to talk about the player showcase the MLB is holding, it starts next Thursday. They've invited four teams consisting of three U.S. regions, and then an International team - obviously this would be the team you'd represent. It's really honorable that you got the invite, Isaiah, so I would strongly suggest participating. However, you do have the option of skipping it...

    Isaiah: No, Mark, I want to play the game I love. Sign me up.

    Mark Garcia, Player Adviser: You got it! I'll arrange and set everything up.

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    While his strikeout ability is undeniable, Santana's inconsistencies worries scouts

    Showcase Results

    CENT 7 11 3
    INTL 9 13 1
    Santana (ND, 0-0): 3 IP, 4 H, 3 ER, 4 R, 6 K, 0 BB

    INTL 6 12 1
    WEST 7 12 0
    Santana (ND, 0-0): 3 IP, 5 H, 3 ER, 3 R, 6 K, 0 BB

    Showcase Recap

    Isaiah Santana left scouts with plenty to worry about after surrendering nine hits and six earned runs in just six innings pitched. However, his remarkable 12 strikeouts was enough to write home about for some.

    "You just don't see that very often", said one scout in attendance. "Although.. whoever takes him is going to need to work on his control. It's actually amazing he didn't walk anyone".

    Another scout offered his opinion on the Cuban flamethrower's potential draft position, "He's probably a fifth or sixth round player, but with the strikeout ability and heat he throws, I'd think a team will fall in love and take him in the second or third round".

    Santana's ability to ramp it up to near-triple digits is truly captivating. Even better, he's left-handed, potentially making him a hot commodity for teams looking for a starter with those attributes.

    He definitely needs to work on keeping the ball out of hitters' sweet spots, but that can be coached, after all. Now speed.. speed can't.

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    Love player chises and your work, so I'll definitely be following along

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    Ch. 2: Draft Night

    Mark Garcia, Player Adviser: Isaiah! You watching the draft online?

    Isaiah: What's up, Mark? Yessir! ..C'mon Miami!

    Mark Garcia, Player Adviser: I have a good feeling about this..

    Isaiah: What happens if —

    And with the 14th pick in the third round, the Colorado Rockies select Isaiah Santana, pitcher from Cuba!

    Isaiah: Sh*t, bro..

    Mark Garcia, Player Adviser: Isaiah, congrats! I know you had your fingers crossed for Miami or L.A., but this is good!

    Isaiah: Colorado?! Do they even have warm weather there?

    Mark Garcia, Player Adviser: Let's just get this deal done and focus on some baseball.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soapy View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Canada View Post
    Love player chises and your work, so I'll definitely be following along
    Thanks guys, not really much of a writer, so I'll add in chapters for some dialogue but don't expect a novel like some other chises.

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    go to school. terrible weather, hitter's park.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soapy View Post
    go to school. terrible weather, hitter's park.
    Lol we'll see...

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