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Thread: My Old Kentucky Home | A WKU Football Dynasty

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    PIC: QB Brandon Doughty's emotions show after a late failed 4th down conversion.

    A slow offensive start for the Hilltoppers would cost them late.

    Kentucky came to Bowling Green to make a statement and it appeared that they would early. Kentucky forced Western Kentucky to enter the second quarter in the negative in total yards. Kentucky quickly took a 17 point lead. The trash talk would follow and it looked as if all the Hilltoppers could do was take it.

    That was until CB Jonathon Dowling gave Maxwell Smith a little deja vu with an interception. The Hilltoppers offense took the momentum and would swing in WKU's favor. HB Antonio Andrews would get his first of two total touchdowns to put WKU on the board. Despite the momentum swing, Petrino's new slinger Brandon Doughty struggled, finishing the 2nd half with ten completions, twenty five attempts and one interception.

    Kentucky and WKU would exchange touchdowns again before the end of the second half, making the score at the break 24-14.

    The second half was a whole new game.

    Doughty came out of the break on a roll, completing seven passes in a row. He led the offense all the way to the 19 yard line, unfortunately, WKU's K Schwettman missed the chip shot. He would redeem himself with a 38 yarder that went straight as a bullet.

    UK and WKU continued to have a firefight on offense, UK scoring twice and WKU scoring off of a record setting pass to Antonio Andrews, who scored off a 82 yard screen pass.

    Western Kentucky went into the fourth quarter down 14 and would cut it down to seven. Western Kentucky had the chance to tie when they were in the redzone in the final seconds of the game, unfortunately, they turned the ball over on downs with ten seconds to go and no timeouts, crushing any chance of winning.

    WKU's Bobby Petrino wasn't happy with his defense, which gave up over five hundred yards. "We can't let that happen next week against Tennessee if we want to win."

    Antonio Andrews, a player who was expected to have a big game, only ran for 69 yards on 22 attempts. A step down from his 125 yards and 3 touchdowns last year, "Nobody wants to move backwards. I'm focused on Tennessee."

    WKU will go on the road next week against Tennessee, possibly the Hilltoppers' biggest game of the year.

    Kentucky Wildcats at Western Kentucky Hilltoppers
    WEEK ONE1234F
    UK (1-0)17714038
    WKU (0-1)01410731
    Top Performers
    PASS: QB B. Doughty (WKU) - 24/25, 442 YDs, 3 TD, 1 INT
    RUSH: HB R. Sanders III (UK) - 15 ATT, 102 YDs, 3 TD
    REC: HB A. Andrews (WKU) - 6 REC, 173 YDs, 1 TD
    Team Stats Comparison
    First Downs2322
    3rd Down Efficiency7-149-15
    4th Down Efficiency2-20-1
    Total Yards575627
    Passing Yards397442
    Rushing Yards11441
    Penalties-Penalty Yards21
    Time of Possession16:4615:13
    Scoring Summary
    5:48(UK) TD UK: D. Robinson, 6 Yd pass from M. Smith70
    2:21(UK) FG UK: J. Mansour, 22 Yd FG100
    0:04(UK) TD UK: J. Badet, 4 Yd pass from M. Smith170
    5:17(WKU) TD WKU: A. Andrews, 5 Yd run177
    1:30(UK) TD UK: R. Sanders III, 5 Yd run247
    0:10(WKU) TD WKU: K. Jones, 6 Yd pass from B. Doughty2414
    3:20(WKU) FG WKU: G. Schwettman, 37 Yd FG2417
    2:03(UK) TD UK: R. Sanders III, 14 Yd run3117
    1:20(WKU) TD WKU: A. Andrews, 82 Yd pass from B. Doughty3124
    0:18(UK) TD UK: R. Sanders III, 37 Yd run3824
    2:13(WKU) TD WKU: T. Higbee, 5 Yd pass from B. Doughty3831
    Kentucky Wildcats
    M. Smith33/5239721
    R. Sanders III141026.83
    M. Smith8121.50
    J. Blue1014114.10
    D. Robinson77010.01
    R. Sanders III4379.20
    J. Badet144.01
    T. Paschal8000
    A. Lowery7000
    A. Dupree6200
    Z. Smith4100
    M. Cobble3010
    F. Tiller2010
    J. Mansour1/25/5823
    D. Robinson13434.00
    D. Robinson23015.00
    Western Kentucky Hilltoppers
    B. Doughty24/4544231
    A. Andrews22693.11
    A. Andrews617328.81
    W. McNeal68614.30
    T. Taylor47619.00
    M. Henry25527.50
    K. Jones166.01
    T. Higbee155.01
    A. Wright9000
    A. Jackson8000
    R. Singh8000
    J. Downling7010
    J. Hervey1100
    B. Boyd1100
    G. Schwettman1/24/4738
    W. McNewal510621.20
    M. Sumler12424.00
    T. Robinson11400
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    NCAA's Top Stories
    #1 Florida State opens ACC conference play with 45-24 win over Pitt
    Unranked Georgia and #9 South Carolina prepare for their SEC opener in Georgia
    #22 LSU lose QB Mettenberger for 8 weeks after losing to TCU
    #2 Auburn shut out Washington State

    NCAA Preseason Rankings
    (Rank, LW)
    1. (1) Florida State (1-0)
    2. (2) Auburn (1-0)
    3. (3) Alabama (1-0)
    4. (4) Michigan State (1-0)
    5. (5) Stanford (0-0)
    6. (6) Baylor (1-0)
    7. (7) Ohio State (1-0)
    8. (8) Missouri (1-0)
    9. (9) South Carolina (1-0)
    10. (10) Oregon (1-0)
    11. (11) Oklahoma (1-0)
    12. (12) Clemson (1-0)
    13. (14) Arizona State (0-0)
    14. (15) UCF (0-0)
    15. (18) Louisville (1-0)
    16. (19) Wisconsin (1-0)
    17. (21) Texas A&M (1-0)
    18. (24) Duke (1-0)
    19. (13) Oklahoma State (0-1)
    20. (--) TCU (1-0)
    21. (25) USC (1-0)
    22. (16) LSU (0-1)
    23. (--) Mississippi State (1-0)
    24. (--) Rutgets (1-0)
    25. (--) Kansas State (1-0)

    Heisman Watch
    1. QB Johnny Manziel, Sophomore (RS), Texas A&M, vs. Rice W (18-23, 246 Yds, 4TD, 4 Car, 34 Yds)
    2. QB A.J. McCarron, Senior (RS), Alabama, vs. VT W (19-23, 291 YDs, 2 TD, 7 Car, 11 Yds)
    3. QB Braxton Miller, Junior, Ohio State, vs. Buff W (21-29, 296 YDs, 3 TD, 14 Car, 54 Yds)
    4. QB Teddy Bridgewater, Junior, Louisville, vs. Ohio W (18-32, 208 Yds, 2 TD, 6 Car, 14 Yds)
    5. HB Brennan Clay, Senior, Oklahoma, vs. ULM W (29 Car, 158 YDs, 5 TD, 2 Rec, 59 Yds, TD)

    NCAA and Sun-Belt Players of the Week

    NCAA Offensive Player of the Week: HB Brennan Clay, Senior, Oklahoma, vs. ULM W (29 Car, 158 YDs, 5 TD, 2 Rec, 59 Yds, TD)
    NCAA Defensive Player of the Week: MLB Frank Shannon, Sophomore (RS), Oklahoma, vs. ULM W, 6 TAK, 2 TFl, ATK, SK, FF, FR

    SUN-BELT Offensive Player of the Week: QB Ronnie Bell, Sophomore (RS), Georgia State, vs FCS SE W (15-34, 113 YDs, 21 Car, 171 YDs, 3 Total TD
    SUN-BELT Defensive Player of the Week: CB Jamal Ransby, Senior, Georgia State, vs. FCS SE W (3 TAK, ATK, FF, INT0

    Sun-Belt Scores

    Arkansas State 30
    FCS MW 7

    Georgia State 34
    FCS SE 3

    South Alabama 18
    FCS W 21

    Texas State 9
    Southern Miss. 23

    Troy 22
    UAB 17

    UL-Lafayette 14
    Arkansas 27

    UL-Monroe 0
    Oklahoma 56

    Western Kentucky 31
    Kentucky 38

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    QB Brandon Doughty struggled this week in practice coming off of last week's loss and battling an illness

    WKU look shaky in practices leading up to Tennessee

    Bobby Petrino wanted to start off his "comeback" campaign with two SEC wins. After losing it's opening weekend shootout against Kentucky, Petrino is hoping to pick up a game against Tennessee, who may be the best opponent Western Kentucky faces off against all season.

    Unlike Western Kentucky, Tennessee won their first game of the season against Austin Peay, 26 to 14. Tennessee allowed Austin Peay to score two touchdowns, while this defensive performance is acceptable, Petrino feels Western Kentucky may have a weakness to target. "They have a young defense." says Petrino, "We have to execute every chance we get this week, (Tennessee) is going to make mistakes, but they aren't going to hand us the game."

    After watching the Hilltoppers in practice this week, their offense may cause some issues. For starters, QB Brandon Doughty has reportedly been battling an illness, which showed in practice. Doughty already has issues with his passing accuracy, but he was throwing picks left and right in practice. After practice on Thursday, Doughty told Bowling Green media that he felt like he was between eighty and ninety percent and that he had full intentions of playing in Saturday's game. If he does get worse before then, Freshman QB Todd Porter may take Doughty's spot on Saturday, but as of right now Petrino hasn't mentioned replacing Doughty.

    Petrino is hoping for more out of HB Antonio Andrews, who Petrino says had an "average" game against UK. "He's really our x factor in these non conference games." says Petrino, "Brandon (Doughty) could complete all his passes, but if Tonio' isn't on, it's going to be really bad to beat anybody."

    Tennessee's offense is having their own struggles. The Vols' threw four picks against Austin Peay and only scored two offensive touchdowns the whole game. QB Justin Worley only completed 13 of his 42 passes.

    "I think our defense is going to do really well." says Bobby Petrino, "It may of been the shaky offense, but the defense emitted confidence this week."

    Western Kentucky may not win this game, but they have the potential to pull off a big upset that may improve their resume at the end of the season.

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    QB Brandon Doughty getting hit after what would be an interception on WKU's final offensive play

    Western Kentucky suffer gut-wrenching defeat

    At the end of the third quarter, it appeared that Bobby Petrino would be earning his much desired win against an SEC school, holding an 18 point lead.

    It didn't stay that way.

    Western Kentucky fought through yet another slow offensive start in the first quarter with great defensive play. "They might have the best defense outside of the power five conferences." says Tennnessee's Head Coach Butch Jones, "You really have to work to score points against them." Until the fourth quarter, Western Kentucky kept Tennessee out of the redzone on every drive except two. Western Kentucky looked unbeatable.

    Until they allowed 25 points in the fourth quarter.

    "Fatigue set in fast," says Bobby Petrino, "Tennessee's receivers were just breaking free and they dusted our secondary. It's a problem a lot of smaller teams have against these big schools. We were ready for the sprints, but we did not prepare for the marathon."

    Maybe if Western Kentucky's QB Brandon Doughty was more consistent, the story would be different. Doughty only completed 1 of 12 passes in the first quarter and then 4 of 11 in the second. However, Doughty's second completion of the night may of been one of the best plays to watch all game. Doughty completed a screen pass to WR Willie McNeal. After running seven yards, McNeal broke one tackle which allowed him to enter open field. McNeal ran 64 more yards until he was tripped, but not before he crossed into the endzone. This would be the only touchdown of the night for Doughty. "We expect a lot better out of him, whether it's an SEC opponent of a Sun Belt opponent." says Bobby Petrino, "14 for 37 and 3 interceptions is not something I want to be come habit for my quarterbacks."

    Western Kentucky's FS Jonathan Dowling had a much better night than the rest of his Hilltopper teammates. Dowling had 11 tackles, a sack and most importantly, a 63 yard pick-six. Dowling is becoming the pulse for this Hilltopper defense. "He's the most talented guy we have on defense right now," says Dowling's teammate MLB Andrew Jackson, "He leads vocally and by example."

    Despite throwing an early interception, Tennessee's QB Justin Worley is undoubtedly the player of the game. Worley was responsible for four total touchdowns, three passing and one rushing. Of the four, two of the passing touchdowns and the rushing touchdown were during the fourth quarter. Worley's fourth quarter performance definitely made up for his poor third quarter performance, where only completed three passes.

    Tennessee's Butch Jones commented on the remainder of Western Kentucky's schedule and said that, "With a defense like that and a little more conditioning, WKU will walk through the Sun Belt this year."

    Western Kentucky Hilltoppers at Tennessee Volunteers
    Week Two 1234F
    WKU (0-2)01414028
    TENN (2-0)01002535
    Top Performers
    PASS: QB Justin Worley (TENN) - 37-61, 509 Yds, 3 TD, 1 INT
    RUSH: HB Antonio Andrews (WKU) - 19 ATT, 45 Yds, 1 TD
    REC: WR J Smith (TENN) - 7 REC, 116 YDS, 1 TD
    Team Stats Comparison
    First Downs1022
    3rd Down Efficiency6-175-16
    4th Down Efficiency1-20-1
    Total Yards375624
    Passing Yards222509
    Rushing Yards2625
    Penalties-Penalty Yards03
    Time of Possession16:4815:02
    Scoring Summary
    7:48(WKU) TD: W. McNeal, 71 Yd pass from B. Doughty70
    5:07(WKU) TD: J. Dowling, 63 Yd returned interception140
    4:28(TENN) TD: J. Johnson, 12 Yd pass from J. Worley147
    0:01(TENN) FG: M. Palardy, 27 Yd FG1410
    3:02(WKU) TD: L. Allen, 5 Yd run2110
    0:47(WKU) TD: A. Andrews, 7 Yd run2810
    7:56(TENN) TD: J. Worley, 2 Yd run2818
    4:20(TENN) TD: J. Smith, 1 Yd pass from J. Worley2825
    1:17(TENN) FG: M. Palardy, 29 Yd FG2828
    0:22(TENN) TD: B. Downs, 27 Yd pass from J. Worley2835
    Western Kentucky Hilltoppers
    QB B. Doughty14-3722213
    HB A. Andrews19452.31
    HB L. Allen4153.71
    TE M. Henry48922.20
    HB A. Andrews4256.20
    WR W. McNeal28341.51
    WR T. Taylor2168.00
    FS J. Dowling11111
    SS A. Wright7000
    MLB A. Jackson5100
    CB T. Robinson5000
    ROLB C. Thomas5000
    LE B. Boyd3100
    DT J. Hervey1100
    K G. Schwettman0-04-440
    P H. Brakefield941145.70
    WR W. McNeal49022.50
    CB T. Robinson5377.40
    Tennessee Volunteers
    QB J. Worley37-6150931
    HB R. Neal9374.10
    HB R. Neal911512.70
    WR J. Smith711616.51
    TE B. Downs68414.01
    WR M. North57615.20
    WR J. Johnson22713.51
    MLB A. Johnson8100
    CB D. Swafford5020
    CB J. Toney5100
    RE C. Miller5200
    CB C. Sutton4010
    K M. Palardy2/43/3930
    K. M. Palardy730143.00
    WR P. Howard130300
    WR V. Dallas123230
    WR J. Carter5377.40

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    NCAA's Week Three Top Stories
    #3 Alabama looks forward to SEC opener with #17 Texas A&M
    #11 Oklahoma starts Big-12 season right with 33-19 win against WVU
    Florida squeak past Miami in the Battle for the Seminole War Canoe Trophy, 24-13
    Texas takes #25 spot after beating BYU 38-22

    NCAA Week Two Rankings
    (Rank, LW)
    1. (1) Florida State (32) (1-0)
    2. (2) Auburn (22) (2-0)
    3. (3) Alabama (5) (1-0)
    4. (4) Michigan State (1) (2-0)
    5. (5) Stanford (1) (1-0)
    6. (6) Baylor (2-0)
    7. (7) Ohio State (2-0)
    8. (9) South Carolina (2-0)
    9. (8) Missouri (2-0)
    10. (10) Oregon (2-0)
    11. (11) Oklahoma (2-0)
    12. (12) Clemson (2-0)
    13. (13) Arizona State (1-0)
    14. (14) UCF (2-0)
    15. (15) Louisville (2-0)
    16. (16) Wisconsin (2-0)
    17. (17) Texas A&M (2-0)
    18. (18) Duke (2-0)
    19. (19) Oklahoma State (1-1)
    20. (20) TCU (2-0)
    21. (22) LSU (1-1)
    22. (23) Mississippi State (2-0)
    23. (24) Rutgers (2-0)
    24. (25) Kansas State (2-0)
    25. (NR) Texas (2-0)

    Heisman Watch
    1. QB Johnny Manziel, Sophomore (RS), Texas A&M, vs. FCS SE W (17-24, 284 Yds, 5 TD, 6 Car, 37 Yds)
    2. QB A.J. McCarron, Senior (RS), Alabama, vs. VT W (19-23, 291 YDs, 2 TD, 7 Car, 11 Yds)
    3. QB Braxton Miller, Junior, Ohio State, vs. SDSU W (10-22, 182 Yds, 10 Car, 67 Yds, 3 Total TD)
    4. HB Brennan Clay, Senior, Oklahoma, vs. WVU W (8 Car, 24 Yds, TD)
    5. HB Jeremy Langford, Junior (RS), Michigan State, vs, USF W (22 Car, 108 Yds, 2 Total TD)

    NCAA and Sun-Belt Players of the Week

    NCAA Offensive Player of the Week: QB Baker Mayfield, Freshman, Texas Tech, vs. FCS SE W, 27-41, 460 Yds, 13 Car, 49 Yds, 5 Total TD
    NCAA Defensive Player of the Week: CB L.J. Jones, Senior (RS), Fresno State, vs. FCS W W, TKL, 3 INT, 2 TD

    SUN-BELT Offensive Player of the Week: QB Kolton Browning, Senior (RS), UL-Monroe, vs. FCS SE W, 27-51, 363 Yds, 21 Car, 76 Yds, 3 Total TD
    SUN-BELT Defensive Player of the Week: FS Jonathan Dowling, Junior (RS), Western Kentucky, vs. Tenn L, 10 TKL, 1 SACK, 1 INT, 1 TD

    Sun-Belt Scores

    Tennessee 35
    Western Kentucky 28

    Kansas State 28
    UL-Lafayette 13

    Tulane 52
    South Alabama 42

    Auburn 45
    Arkansas State 17

    FCS East 21
    Georgia State 18

    Texas State 21
    FCS Southeast 11

    FCS Southeast 21
    Troy 12

    UL-Monroe 27
    FCS Southeast 3

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    wow really close game against tennessee, pretty impressive if you're into moral victories

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    Quote Originally Posted by djp73 View Post
    wow really close game against tennessee, pretty impressive if you're into moral victories
    We should be getting some real ones very soon.

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    HB Antonio Andrews has had two less than stellar outings, will he bounce back against South Alabama?

    Petrino hopes to start Sun Belt conference play right against USA


    That's the record of these two Sun Belt opponents. Of course, if we dig deeper than just the 0-2 record, you can predict who will win this game.

    Western Kentucky is coming off of two back-to-back heartbreak losses to SEC teams. In week one, Western Kentucky battled with in-state rival Kentucky. While Kentucky led the whole game, Western Kentucky fought until the end and had a chance to win the game. In week two, Western Kentucky traveled to Knoxville to face off with the Tennessee Volunteers and played them very well. Western Kentucky led all the way up until the fourth quarter, when Tennessee put up 25 points to come back and defeat the Hilltoppers.

    South Alabama, Western Kentucky's opponent this Saturday night, are also 0-2. In week one, they squared off with FCS Southern Utah. Southern Utahtook the lead in the 2nd quarter and fought South Alabama off for the whole game and the 15 point effort from the Jaguars was not enough to top their FCS opponent. In week two, South Alabama got into a gun-fight with the Tulane Green Wave. A combined 94 points between the two teams. A poor third quarter would haunt South Alabama late and the Green Wave would win it in the last minute of the game.

    Judging from the style of games both of these teams have played, they are the same. They both have made late pushes in games that they looked as if they were out of and both may say they have two moral victories. Unfortunately, moral victories don't count as wins in college football. One of these teams will get their first win Saturday and the other will be starting to slide after a third loss in a row.

    Obviously, Western Kentucky is the favorite for this game. If Western Kentucky played Southern Utah and Tulane, they may be undefeated coming into this game. Maybe.

    Bobby Petrino's biggest issue is his offense, something that has rarely troubled his teams in the past. QB Brandon Doughty hasn't played very well, only completing 38 of 82 passes and throwing as many interceptions as touchdowns, 4. In the Tennessee game, you could visibly see Brandon Doughty's game fall apart late. Despite his poor performance, Petrino still has faith in his young QB. "We just have to keep working with him," says Petrino, "I think he'll do great in conference play, he just has to get into rhythm."

    Another player on Petrino's offense who is struggling is HB Antonio Andrews, a player who many believed would have a breakthrough season for the Hilltoppers. Andrews has ran the ball 41 times this season and only rushed for 114 yards. His lowly 2.8 average and 2 touchdowns has everyone in shock, but like Doughty, Petrino believes Andrews will come around.

    "We just played two SEC schools." says Petrino, "Neither of them are the best, but they are probably better than a lot of the teams we'll face off with this season. I didn't expect to see us blow these SEC guys out. I think our guys played well, they could've been better, but all we can focus on is what's ahead."

    South Alabama's QB Ross Metheny will be working to keep his perfect season alive. Metheny has completed 33 of his 63 attempts this season and made 3 touchdowns passes. Metheny also has the ability to burn you with his feet, something the Hilltopper's had to deal with last week with Tennessee's Justin Worley. Western Kentucky's Jonathan Dowling will be hoping to get his third interception against South Alabama. Dowling is quickly becoming one of the best defensive backs in the Sun Belt and with an interception against Southern Alabama, he will have had a takeaway in every game thus far. "I'm not really focused on trying to keep a streak." says Dowling, "I just want to do what it will take to get the win."

    South Alabama will be without their starting snapper, C Ucambre Williams, due to an back injury he sustained in South Alabama's season opener.

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    CB Rico Brown picks the ball off early in the first quarter

    Hilltoppers' 21 points in 4th quarter help WKU escape Mobile

    This game should have never been this close, but it ended up being one of the best of the night in all of college football.

    Southern Alabama were about to drop Bobby Petrino on to the hot seat by upsetting Western Kentucky. A loss in Mobile would've not only been Western Kentucky's third straight loss, but it would put the Hilltoppers in a 0 and 1 conference play hole.

    The first quarter was truly a war of attrition. The Hilltoppers and the Jaguars both had to fight to get the points they did. Western Kentucky's defense appeared to be amped up. South Alabama's Ross Metheny saw his perfect streak end on his first pass attempt of the night after Ricardo Brown snagged the ball out of the air. South Alabama kicked in a 23 yard field goal to kick the game off and then at the end of the quarter, WKU's Antonio Andrews would score one of his school record breaking four touchdowns.

    South Alabama took control in the second half. Western Kentucky had issues dealing with QB Ross Metheny, who had several rushing plays where he made the WKU defense look silly. They scored twice unanswered stealing the lead from the Hilltoppers, once from a rush from HB Jay Jones and then from a 27 yard rush from QB Ross Metheny. HB Antonio Andrews quickly because the life of the Hilltopper offense, pulling WKU back into the game right before half time with a 28 yard rush.

    In the third quarter, Western Kentucky's defense completed disappeared. South Alabama's option offense appeared to be unstoppable. Metheny and Jones both scored again, and Metheny landed a touchdown pass to none other than Jones to put the Jaguars up 35-14. However, much like during the second quarter, Antonio Andrews continued to fight and take advantage of a tiring South Alabama defense. He would score on an 8 yard pass play shortly before the third quarter ended.

    Entering the fourth quarter down 38-21, you could see the nervousness on Bobby Petrino's face. "This turned into a really big game for us." says Head Coach Bobby Petrino, "It doesn't look very good to start off 0 and 1 in conference play."

    Andrews would cause all of Petrino's worries to go away.

    Andrews ran for 75 total yards in the fourth quarter, scoring twice in the quarter. FB KeShawn Simpson would open the fourth quarter with a 2 yard run to bring the Hilltoppers closer to the Jaguars. Andrews scored two touchdowns late in the game to capture a comeback victory and get the save against South Alabama. "Antonio Andrews isn't the only player to thank," says Bobby Petrino, "Our defense came out in the fourth quarter and made up for every bad play they had earlier in the game. It was like a whole new team entered the game in the fourth."

    Western Kentucky's defense allowed no points in the fourth quarter. This is only the third time that WKU has held a team to zero in a quarter. This is the second time that Western Kentucky has held a team to no points in the fourth quarter (Kentucky, Week One).


    Western Kentucky Hilltoppers at South Alabama Jaguars
    Week Three 1234F
    WKU (1-2)7762141
    USA (0-3)31421038
    Top Performers
    PASS: QB R. Metheny (USA) - 25-30, 276 Yds, 1 TD
    RUSH: HB A. Andrews (WKU) - 30 ATT, 150 Yds, 4 TD
    REC: HB A. Andrews (WKU) - 5 REC, 58 Yds, 1 TD
    Team Stats Comparison
    First Downs1919
    3rd Down Efficiency5-126-14
    4th Down Efficiency1-31-1
    Total Yards694513
    Passing Yards288276
    Rushing Yards139205
    Penalties-Penalty Yards05
    Time of Possession16:3615:23
    Scoring Summary
    2:48(USA) FG: K A. Sunanon, 23 Yd FG03
    0:31(WKU) TD: HB A. Andrews, 6 Yd run73
    6:33(USA) TD: HB J. Jones, 3 Yd run710
    4:45(USA) TD: QB R. Metheny, 27 Yd run717
    0:41(WKU) TD: HB A. Andrews, 28 Yd run1417
    6:39(USA) TD: QB R. Metheny, 68 Yd run1424
    1:47(USA) TD: HB J. Jones, 20 Yd pass from QB R. Metheny1431
    0:53(USA) TD: HB J. Jones, 1 Yd run1438
    0:18(WKU) TD: HB A. Andrews, 8 Yd pass from B. Doughty2038
    6:04(WKU) TD: FB K. Simpson, 2 Yd run2638
    4:10(WKU) TD: HB A. Andrews, 1 Yd run3338
    0:31(WKU) TD: HB A. Andrews, 12 Yd run4138
    Western Kentucky Hilltoppers
    QB B. Doughty23-3528811
    HB A. Andrews301505.04
    FB K. Simpson122.01
    HB A. Andrews55811.61
    WR N. Norris47017.50
    WR T. Taylor49323.20
    TE T. Higbee3186.00
    WR W. McNeal3279.00
    CB R. Singh12100
    SS A. Wright10000
    MLB A. Jackson8100
    CB T. Robinson5000
    LE B. Boyd5200
    CB R. Brown1010
    K G. Schwettman0-03-33-
    P. H. Brakefield416641.51
    WR W. McNeal721330.40
    CB T. Robinson55410.80
    South Alabama Jaguars
    QB R. Metheny25-3027611
    QB R. Metheny211517.12
    HB J. Jones12544.52
    HB J. Joness8516.31
    WR D. Woodson44010.00
    WR J. Jones56215.50
    WR. B Lavender37826.00
    FS T. Brigham11000
    LOLB M. Harris6110
    SS C. Watson6000
    MLB E. Williams5000
    K A. Sunanon1/15/5823
    K S. Garber520440.81
    HB J. Jones124240
    WR T. Glover284.00
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    NCAA's Week Three Top Stories
    Then #2 Michigan State fall to FCS Midwest
    Then #1 Florida State upset at home by Nevada, 35-26
    Ole Miss travel to then #25 Texas, win close 24-20
    Auburn top new poll despite narrow Mississippi State escape

    NCAA Week Three Rankings
    (Rank, LW)
    1. (2) Auburn (38) (3-0)
    2. (5) Stanford (22) (2-0)
    3. (6) Baylor (1) (2-0)
    4. (7) Ohio State (3-0)
    5. (8) South Carolina (3-0)
    6. (9) Missouri (2-0)
    7. (10) Oregon (3-0)
    8. (11) Oklahoma (3-0)
    9. (3) Alabama (1-1)
    10. (1) Florida State (1-1)
    11. (12) Clemson (2-0)
    12. (14) Arizona State (2-0)
    13. (17) Texas A&M (3-0)
    14. (15) Louisville (3-0)
    15. (NR) Nevada (3-0)
    16. (19) Oklahoma State (2-1)
    17. (20) TCU (3-0)
    18. (21) LSU (2-1)
    19. (16) Wisconsin (2-1)
    20. (23) Rutgers (3-0)
    21. (24) Kansas State (3-0)
    22. (4) Michigan State (2-1)
    23. (14) UCF (2-1)
    24. (NR) Ole Miss (3-0)
    25. (22) Mississippi State (2-1)

    Heisman Watch
    1. QB Johnny Manziel, Sophomore (RS), Texas A&M, vs. Bama W (29-42, 342 Yds, 17 Car, 105 Yds, 4 Total TD)
    2. QB A.J. McCarron, Senior (RS), Alabama, vs. TAMU L (24-35, 229 Yds, 2 TD, 8 Car, 13 Yds)
    3. HB Brennan Clay, Senior, Oklahoma, vs. Tulsa W (38 Car, 218 Yds, TD)
    4. HB John Hubert, Senior (RS), Kansas State, vs. UMass W (24 Car, 145 Yds, 4 TD)
    5. QB Braxton Miller, Junior, Ohio State, vs. Cal W (17-25, 256 Yds, 8 Car, 77 Yds, 4 Total TD)

    NCAA and Sun-Belt Players of the Week

    NCAA Offensive Player of the Week: HB Antonio Andrews, Senior (RS), Western Kentucky, vs. USA W, 30 CAR, 150 Yds, 4 TD, 5 REC, 58 Yds, TD
    NCAA Defensive Player of the Week: DT Adam Gotsis, Sophomore, Georgia Tech, vs. Duke W, 3 TAK, 4 TFL, 3 ATTK, 2 SACK, 2 FF

    SUN-BELT Offensive Player of the Week: HB Antonio Andrews, Senior (RS), Western Kentucky, vs. USA W, 30 CAR, 150 Yds, 4 TD, 5 REC, 58 Yds, TD
    SUN-BELT Defensive Player of the Week: CB Ricardo Singh, Junior (RS), Western Kentucky, vs. USA W, 11 TAK, 3 TFL, 1 SACK

    Sun-Belt Scores

    Western Kentucky 51
    South Alabama 38

    Troy 24
    Arkansas State 17

    West Virginia 38
    Georgia State 13

    Wake Forest 38
    UL Monroe 17

    FCS Southeast 21
    UL Lafayette 17

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