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Thread: Top 5 moments as a supporter

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    Top 5 moments as a supporter

    I've been thinking about what are my top 5 moments as a Manchester City supporter and figured I'd see where all the other footy fans on here stand with their favorite clubs.

    #5. Manchester City smashes Manchester United 6-1.

    #4. Manchester City beat Stoke 1-0 to win the FA Cup. The first trophy I saw City lift.

    #3 Manchester City beats West Ham to secure the 2014 Premier League title after City hauls back Liverpool.

    #2 City fights back against Bayern Munich in the Champions League thanks to the GAWD that is Sergio Aguero.

    #1 The greatest finish to a sports season in the history of sports. Manchester City wins the title on goal difference with a goal in the 93rd minute against QPR. Not even going to lie... I was in tears when I thought they were going to bottle it then tears of joy when they won thus proving football >>>>>>> all sport. (The best part was the looks on the rags' faces at Sunderland).

    #0 Obviously, I didn't personally see this but as a City supporter this has to be included in the list. The game that saved the club against Gillingham in '99.

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    Considering the vast number of titles and just flat out dominance for most of my lifetime it's hard to pick just 5 but I'll try.

    5.) Van Persie winner against City in the 2012-13 season that set us on the path to winning the title back from those blue fucks.

    4.) The 8-2 battering of Arsenal during the banter era. The fact that we won this with a bunch of kids out there made it that much sweeter.

    3.) Ronaldo's ridiculous long shot against Porto. Idk if my jaw has ever dropped so far from something in a sports match. CR7 was also voted as the best player in the world that season.

    2.) Giggs' insane run against Arsenal in the 1999 FA Cup Semi Final. To be fair I don't remember this that well, but I did watch it, was only 5 though.

    1.) 2008 Champions League win on penalties against Chelsea. When Ronaldo missed I thought we had fucking lost, and then John Terry you beautiful man, with the chance to win it. The BOTTLE ah ah ah! Champions of Europe!

    There are a lot of others I could add but I think that's my top 5. Passing the scousers for the most titles in 2011 would be up there too.
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    I don't think any of the other Spurs fans on here will know any of these but these are my top 5.

    5. Anderton's Wondergoal VS Leeds - 98/99 - My all time favourite Spurs player and my sporting hero growing up scoring the best goal of his career.

    4. Tottenham 5 - 1 Arsenal - 2007/08 Capital One Cup Semi Finals - We hadn't beaten Arsenal since 1999, we had one of the best Spurs teams ever with King, Berbatov, Defoe, Keane and Dawson and we smashed them on the way to the finals.

    3. Inter Milan 4 - 3 Tottenham - 2010/11 Champions League - Might be strange having a loss on here but this was the game that saw Bale explode onto the world stage after he took over the game to almost give us a draw against the holders. We later beat Inter Milan 3-1 to top the group and Bale was amazing in that as well.

    2. Tottenham 2 - 1 Chelsea - 2007/08 Capital One Cup Final - A comeback win in injury time at Wembley for the 2nd trophy I ever saw Spurs win.

    1. Tottenham 1 - 0 Leicester City - 1998/99 Capital One Cup Final - Not the best game but probably my favourite ever Spurs team (Ginola, Anderton, Ferdinand, Vega, Iversen, King, Armstrong, Sherwood) and the first time in my life that Spurs ever won anything. I was 10 at the time and I can still remember watching it on TV.

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    #5 Butt fumble game.
    #4 2010 45-3 win over Jets. Rex had talked so much cash money shit after beating us earlier in the year.
    #3 Beating Baltimore in 2011.
    #2 Rallying back to beat the Ravens down by 14 during that SB run
    #1 Malcolm Butler.

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    Thanks for sharing buddy.
    Great to see this.

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    Great sharing. but i remember penalty missed in final.
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