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Thread: The Valley - A San Jose State Dynasty

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    The Valley - A San Jose State Dynasty


    San Jose State has had a strange place in my heart since I stumbled across them a few months ago. I donít know what I like about them. They arenít near me, have no extraordinary history, their stadium is relatively small. That being said, I love the Spartans. Theyíre the little engine that sometimes can, but most of the time canít.

    That being said, Iím going to try to make them the little engine that could. Always.

    Itís gonna be a long haul. Iím gonna make this one as difficult as possible on myself. It should, and will take years for this team to become nationally relevant. Itíll take time, so be patient. There will be seasons of triumph and seasons of happiness. Stick with it, and it will pay off.


    Game: NCAA Football 14

    Start Year: 2013

    Roster: CcAaRrSsOoNn3

    Sliders: Fiddy's NCAA 14 Sliders

    BCS or Playoff: BCS, I prefer it. May make the change eventually

    Recruiting Rules:

    -I can recruit anyone who has my in their top 10
    -I must have 3 pipeline states at any given time. No more, no less
    -The pipeline states must be in the South West Region
    (California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico)
    -I can only offer a scholarship when a player has SJSU as their number one school
    -I can only scout a player after they have committed
    -I can only recruit certain caliber players based off the prestige of my school:

    1* - Highest Caliber Recruit Available - 3*
    2* - Highest Caliber Recruit Available - 3*
    3* - Highest Caliber Recruit Available - 4*
    4* - Highest Caliber Recruit Available - 4*
    5* - Highest Caliber Recruit Available - 5*
    6* - Highest Caliber Recruit Available - 5*

    Allow me a few posts for reserves.

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    Team Information:


    1928: 5-2-1

    1929: 3-3-1

    1930: 2-3-3

    1931: 1-7-0

    1932: 7-0-2

    1933: 5-4-0

    1934: 3-3-4

    1935: 5-5-1

    1936: 5-4-0

    1937: 11-2-1

    1938: 11-1-0

    1939: 13-0-0

    1940: 11-1-0

    From 1928-1940 the success of the San Jose State Spartans was mixed. They werenít a incredibly bad team during this time, but they didnít have much success either. That trend started to change in 1937 when head coach Dudley DeGroot led the Spartans to 4 consecutive 11+ win seasons.


    1941: 5-3-3

    1942: 7-2-0

    1943: No team due to World War II

    1944: No team due to World War II

    1945: No team due to World War II

    1946: 9-1-1

    1947: 9-3-0

    1948: 9-3-0

    1949: 9-4-0

    1950: 6-3-1

    1951: 2-7-1

    1952: 6-3-0

    1953: 4-4-1

    Through the 40s, the Spartans success remained, even with World War II disrupting the team for 3 seasons. However, when the 50s hit, the teamís success took a hit. A 2-7-1 record in 1951 was the Spartans worst since 1934. The season led to the 3rd logo change since switching to the ďSpartansĒ after being called the ďNormalsĒ since the Universityís founding in 1892.


    1954: 7-3-0

    1955: 5-3-1

    1956: 2-7-1

    1957: 3-7-0

    1958: 4-5-0

    1959: 4-6-0

    1960: 5-4-0

    1961: 6-4-0

    The 50s were a trying time for Spartansí faithful. The sustained success failed to follow the new logo after a 7-3-0 record in 1954. The cultivation of failure boiled over in 1956, as the Spartans stumbled to a 2-7-1 record that led to Robert T. Brozanís firing. Bob Titchenal took over and started leading SJSU back to the more promising times, until 1962


    1962: 2-8-1

    1963: 5-5-0

    1964: 4-6-0

    1965: 5-5-0

    1966: 3-7-0

    1967: 2-7-0

    1968: 3-7-0

    1969: 2-8-0

    1970: 2-9-0

    From 1962-1970, the roughest period of SJSU Football took place. An 11 year stretch started where the Spartans would not finish above .500 until 1974 (8-3-1). While SJSU struggled under Bob Titchenal, Harry Anderson and Joe McMullan, they finally joined a conference in 1969. The Big West Conference / Pacific Coast Athletic Association would host the Spartans until 1996 when they joined the Western Athletic Conference.


    1971: 5-6-1

    1972: 4-7-0

    1973: 5-4-2

    1974: 8-3-1

    1975: 9-2-0 (1st Conference Title)

    1976: 7-4-0 (2nd Conference Title)

    1977: 4-7-0

    1978: 7-5-0 (3rd Conference Title)

    1979: 6-5-1

    1980: 7-4-0

    1981: 9-3-0 (4th Conference Title)

    1982: 8-3-0

    When the streak of consecutive season under .500 snapped, it spelled prominence for the Spartansí football program. Winning 4 conference titles within a 7 season set, under 3 different head coaches. In 1981, Jack Elway lead the Spartans to their first bowl game, a loss in the California Bowl, against Toledo 27-25.


    1983: 5-6-0

    1984: 6-5-0

    1985: 2-8-1

    1986: 10-2-0 (5th Conference Title) (California Bowl Win, 37-7 over Miami [OH])

    1987: 10-2-0 (6th Conference Title)

    1988: 4-8-0

    1989: 6-5-0

    1990: 9-2-1 (7th Conference Title) (California Raisin Bowl Win, 48-24 over Central Michigan)
    #20 AP Rank

    1991: 6-4-1 (8th Conference Title)

    1992: 7-4-0

    1993: 2-9-0

    1994: 3-8-0

    1995: 3-8-0

    1996: 3-9

    1997: 4-7

    1998: 4-8

    1999: 3-7

    SJSU went back to their patterns of old, flip flopping between successful seasons and terrible seasons. During this time, Jack Elway, Claude Gilbert, Terry Shea, Ron Turner and Joh Ralston all lead the Spartans. In 1986, while led by Claude Gilbert, San Jose State won their first bowl game, their first of two. The second bowl win came in 1990 over Central Michigan while being coached by Terry Shea.


    2000: 7-5

    2001: 3-9

    2002: 6-7

    2003: 3-8

    2004: 2-9

    2005: 3-8

    With the new millennium, a new logo came. And the 2000 season was rather successful. However the following season failed to produce a team that finished above .500 until 2008 (6-6). Dave Baldwin coached the team during the 2000 season before being replaced by Fitz Hill. Hill would coach until 2004 before being replaced by Dick Tomey.


    2006: 9-4 (New Mexico Bowl Win, 20-12 over New Mexico)

    2007: 5-7

    2008: 6-6

    2009: 2-10

    2010: 1-12

    2011: 5-7

    2012: 11-2 (Military Bowl Win, 29-20 over Bowling Green) #21 AP rank

    Since the 2006 season SJSU has had very drastic results. 2012ís 11-2 season stands proudly among a 2-10 and 1-12 season. 2006 had an impressive 9-4 season, their best since 1990. In 2010 Mike MacIntyre took over, and his first season was a disaster. However in 2011 the team improved and in 2012 the Spartans displayed their true potential. However after 2012 MacIntyre left for Colorado.


    Fresno State: Arguably the Spartansí biggest rival, Fresno State has provided fans with some great games through the matchupís 76 game history. A rivalry due to the proximity of the schools, Fresno State holds the advantage, 39-34-3 in the series. In 2012, the rivalry took a break due to conference realignment. Now that San Jose State is in the MWC, the rivalry will continue.

    San Diego State: This battle between NoCal and SoCal is the most competitive of San Jose Stateís rivalries. The Aztecs and the Spartans play each other annual for bragging rights. What makes this matchup so contested is the fact that most students grew up at one of the schools, and attend the other for university.

    Stanford: The Bill Walsh Memorial Game is an annual contest played by the Stanford Cardinal and the San Jose State Spartans. Currently, Stanford holds a commanding 51-14-1 lead over the Spartans. The game is named after legendary head coach Bill Walsh, the inventor of the West Coast offence, who played football at SJSU and coached Stanford. Interestingly enough, John Elway played football at Stanford while his father coached the Spartans. The father-son battle was split at 2-2 before the younger Elway moved to the NFL.

    SJSU Fight Song:

    Fight on for dear old San Jose State;
    Fight on for victory!
    We are with you in every way.
    No matter what the price may be!
    Onward for Sparta noble and true,
    Fight hard in everything you do!
    And so we'll Fight! (RAH!) Win! (RAH!)
    March onward down the field and we will win the day!
    S...J...S...U...S..J..S..U..SJSU...SAN JOSE STATE!

    More Info:

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    Reserve One:

    Table of Contents

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    Reserve Two:

    Awards and Accolades

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    Reserve Three:


    Good to Post

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