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Thread: NOTHING WAS THE SAME: The Return of Derek Baldwin | MyLeague (2023- )

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    Hitting up the East?

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    How old is this Derek Baldwin? Is this MJ - Wizards moment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The JZA View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by djp73 View Post
    On to the next one
    We're getting closer

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Canada View Post
    Hitting up the East?

    Quote Originally Posted by Agent View Post
    How old is this Derek Baldwin? Is this MJ - Wizards moment?
    35 and no lol

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    Sports Illustrated

    Baldwin takes his talents to New York…Brooklyn to be exact
    by Dan Patrick

    In a move that took everyone in the NBA by surprise, Derek Baldwin agreed to a three-year contract worth over twenty-five million dollars, to not only coach the Brooklyn Nets, but to help run the front office as Team President as well. This move makes Baldwin the youngest active head coach in the NBA at the tender age of 35. After suffering a rollercoaster ride during his last NBA season both on and off the court, Baldwin decided to call it quits after winning his sixth championship ring and leading the Los Angeles Clippers to their fourth consecutive title. He announced his sudden retirement after helping push Team USA to a fourth consecutive gold medal in Tokyo that summer. Although he only played seven seasons in the NBA, he played three years overseas after playing four years of college basketball.

    “I have some miles on these tires,” said Baldwin during an interview after the Gold Medal game. “I always envisioned myself going out on top. And I think I’m doing that. I’m starting a family and I just want to take some time and enjoy that. I don’t want to think about basketball for a while.”

    It wasn’t long before teams were trying to lure him out of retirement with coaching positions. Was he headed to Milwaukee, where an injury riddled Jabari Parker was still struggling to come into his own? Or perhaps Minnesota, where the Timberwolves were trying to get into the NBA Finals? Or maybe even to the Knicks, to help turn Gary Payton II into a leader? He managed to keep them all at bay for three years until about a week ago when word got around that he had met with Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, in Los Angeles.

    “I thought I was really done. At that time, I was,” said Baldwin. “I had my family to think about. I knew I would always be tied to the game in some way though. You can’t ever really put it down.”

    With the announcement that he was going to take the reins in Brooklyn, a team that managed to play things close to the vest until the very last second, it was widely speculated that his relationship with rapper, Jay Z, had an impact on his decision to coach in Brooklyn. Jay Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, was minority owner of the Nets up until 2013 when he decided to become a sports agent and was forced to sell his stake in the team. His agency, Roc Nation Sports, represents quite a few professional athletes: Geno Smith, J.T. Barrett, and Todd Gurley (NFL) as well as Kevin Durant, Jabari Parker, and James Young (NBA). Carter and his wife Beyonce Knowles were often spotted on the sidelines at Nets games, especially when Derek Baldwin or LeBron James was in town. The two have become close friends since Baldwin joined the league and could be seen all over Los Angeles when the Knowles-Carter clan moved to the West Coast. Baldwin’s wife, actress, singer, director, and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model, Naya Rivera, is signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation label. She signed with the label in 2017 and has released four platinum selling albums under the RocNation umbrella, her latest being My Everything, which was released in January.

    “Jay and I have been friends for a long time,” Baldwin stated in a phone interview. “I can honestly say that he had no influence on my decision to come to Brooklyn though. He didn’t even know. I invited him to lunch at Tony Roma’s a few hours after I signed the contract and told him then. He had no idea.”

    Baldwin turned down offers by two other major market teams, the neighboring New York Knicks and the Miami Heat. The Nets fans know this and they have welcomed Baldwin with open arms. There has even been a block party scheduled at the Barclays Center to celebrate the very welcome addition to the Nets organization. New York rap royalty Jay Z and Nas will headline the small concert, which will also feature Nino Man, CashFlow and Manolo Rose, while Power 105’s The Breakfast Club will host.

    “It’s all love,” said the 53 year old, Brooklyn-born rapper, who joined Baldwin for his press conference. “Even when he wore a different uniform and he came in and seemed to just totally disrespect the team. It was just so spectacular the way that he went about it, you couldn’t help but be in awe of it. I think he’s going to bring that same swagger to this team. As a fan, I’m definitely excited. We were going to get him in these Nets colors one way or another,” he said turning to Baldwin. “I wasn’t ready for him to walk away, but I understood his reasons. He’s one of the most decorated in the game. He knows how to work hard to get results. He has a New York state of mind, so to speak.”

    When asked about his decision to coach the Nets, the league’s dubbed “Dark Horse” jokingly replied, “I just put all the names in a hat.” He went on to add, “Brooklyn and I have a lot in common. Right now, no one expects this team to do much. Same as when I entered the draft at 25 years old. The Nets have been out of sight, out of mind for a while. Getting close to the playoffs, but faltering at the finish line. Brooklyn is a city where nothing is given. Everything you get in Brooklyn is earned. This team is full of young, hungry players. I can’t wait to get to work. I like a challenge. Not to mention that I have control over what I want to do, something most coaches do not.”

    “Every coach wants to have personnel control," a former NBA assistant coach said, "Derek can go get his own groceries, because he knows what he wants to cook.”

    Makes you think that maybe Jason Kidd was on to something ten years ago when he asked for (and was denied) more control over personnel.

    Baldwin will be the fifth head coach of the Brooklyn Nets in 10 years. This team has definitely gone through some pains these past few seasons. Having Jason Kidd take over in 2013 before leaving a season later, to searching for their identity under Coach Lionel Hollins while struggling to become the playoff contender everyone thought they would be, followed by short stints from Randall Ayers and most recently Scott Brooks.

    Brooklyn is a solid team with young talent that just needs to be harnessed and refocused. Touting 2021 Rookie of the Year Shareef O’Neal, alongside 2023’s Sixth Man of the Year Mike Bibby, Jr. and Most Improved Player Keith Perkins, the team has the talent, but sort of lacks direction.

    “I think that’s what excites me most,” said Baldwin. “They are young. No doubt about it. The team is led by a load of young talent, but that only means the possibilities are endless and I think once we lock it down, we can run at the top of this league for a long time to come.”

    After purchasing the Nets in 2010, owner Mikhail Prokhorov promised to turn Knicks fans to Nets fans and said the team would have a title in five years. Ten years later, and still ring-less, Prokhorov sold the team to Larry Ellison, the former CEO of Oracle. Ellison who has tried and failed to purchase three NBA teams in the past: the New Orleans Pelicans, the Golden State Warriors, and the Los Angeles Clippers, finally struck gold with the Nets. Former NBA player Alonzo Mourning along with former president and GM of the Toronto Raptors Bryan Colangelo are also minority owners of the team. The Nets last playoff appearance was five years ago where they were swiftly eliminated in the first round by Miami. The owners, along with general manager, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, have placed their complete faith and trust in Baldwin to steer this young team in the right direction.

    "When I was offered the position, I was point blank with them and said, 'If I tell you that I want to trade this player who's an All-Star or that player who's the fans' favorite, if I think it's the right move, I want you to feel confident that I can do this. Will you give me the freedom to do this?' And they said yes, and that's really the key," Baldwin said. “They get what I’m trying to do. Zo and Shareef are basketball guys. Larry and Bryan are businessmen. They get it.”

    The Brooklyn Nets have yet to find a leader and a face for this franchise. It looks like they’ve found both in Derek Baldwin. Even though he won’t be suiting up, he is sure to bring a renewed hope to Brooklyn. They are hoping that his intensity on the court carries over into his coaching style and he can light a fire under this year’s squad. There has been a real love/hate relationship in Brooklyn ever since Baldwin stepped foot in the NBA. But as Jay Z put it, it is definitely all love now as fans could be seen all over the city wearing black t-shirts that read: Hello Baldwin with the Nets logo underneath.

    Baldwin has faith in his ability to transform this young team, but he also has very realistic expectations.

    “I’m just asking the fans to be patient these first two seasons. We’re going to go through some growing pains. But we’re going to give you something to see.”
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    Feeling kinda meh about the "highlight" package. Couldn't use N*ggas in Paris due to the whole copyright thing.

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    Nice work and on the video came out good

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    Quote Originally Posted by djp73 View Post
    Nice work and on the video came out good
    Thanks. You know graphics and such aren't really my thing.

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    Brooklyn! Brooklyn! Brooklyn!

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