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Thread: NOTHING WAS THE SAME: The Return of Derek Baldwin | MyLeague (2023- )

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    SI Article

    Magic Johnson and Michael Cooper.

    Isaiah Thomas and Joe Dumars.

    Mark Jackson and Reggie Miller.

    Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant.

    Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili.

    Derrick Rose and Derek Baldwin.

    Chris Paul and Derek Baldwin.

    These are just a few of the greatest backcourt duos that the NBA has ever seen. As you know, having a solid back court is crucial to the success of any NBA team, and we could very well be looking at another in Brooklyn’s Keith Perkins and Mike Bibby. Oddly enough, these two are both listed as point guards. The slightly taller Bibby Jr. plays the shooting guard position in Brooklyn.

    Last season was the first that they were both consistently in the starting lineup, an experiment that could have gone horribly wrong, but it worked out well for the Nets as these two managed to lead the team to the Eastern Conference Finals. They have developed a very nice chemistry, especially as Perkins has looked to improve his passing. His assist numbers increased last season and they are looking to improve again. They are the same, but different. The key to their chemistry is that they play off each other’s strengths.

    While both players can score inside, Bibby Jr. more so in transition. He is usually seen finishing fast breaks with a high floating layup, similar to Tony Parker’s, or a dunk. Perkins thrives in the half court set, using screens to free him up to get to the cup.

    Perkins is definitely the better finisher, and Bibby, is the better outside shooter. So you have to pick your poison. Do you risk being beaten off the dribble and allowing Perkins to get to the basket or even worse, dishing it to an open Bibby who is looking to knock down a three point shot?

    They can both easily improve any team so for the two of them to work cohesively on one team makes the Nets a threat in the Eastern Conference.

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    Baldwin so nice he made the list twice

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    Quote Originally Posted by C-Dub View Post
    Baldwin so nice he made the list twice
    You noticed that?

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    Brooklyn Nets at Toronto Raptors
    JAN 4, 20251ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
    Brooklyn (26-7)21242432101
    Toronto (17-16)2222212388

    Posted JAN 4, 2025 10:02PM

    -- What started as a close game ended in a blowout as the Brooklyn Nets took the Toronto Raptors to the wood shed in the second half, more specifically the fourth quarter.

    The Toronto Raptors are still without Ben Simmons, who they expect back by the end of the month, and Derek Baldwin made sure his team was well aware of the fact.

    “They needed to attack the paint,” he said in a post-game interview. “The one person who could possibly pose a threat is not there and they were playing as if he was. They needed to get in there.”

    Mike Bibby, Jr. and Shareef O’Neal struggled to get things going early, but the Nets still managed to hold a narrow lead at halftime. The Raptors began to make their move as Avery Bradley began to heat up, and the Nets watched their ten point lead begin to disappear. The Raptors attacked the basket scoring 56 of their points in the paint.

    By the end of the third quarter, Baldwin seemed exasperated.

    “He kept telling us to play like them,” said Paul George. George scored 13 of his 22 points in the fourth quarter as he and Tony Solomon started to stretch the gap from 8 points to 15 points. As the baskets started to fall, the Raptors started falling apart, Brooklyn had five steals I the fourth quarter, a total of ten for the game. They had 19 points off of Toronto turnovers.

    Solomon played aggressively in the fourth quarter as the Nets had 11 free throw attempts. They had 12 attempts the entire game.

    “I think this was just one of those games where we rested on our laurels a little bit,” said Solomon. “It happens. You know they have an injured star player, so you may take a play or two off or you don’t play as hard. Coach wants total domination every night. He doesn’t care who’s out there.”


    Paul George

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    PG turning back the clock

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    Quote Originally Posted by C-Dub View Post
    PG turning back the clock
    Best veteran pick up ever

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    Simmed Scores

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    Brooklyn Nets vs. New York Knicks
    New York (18-19)3224222098
    Brooklyn (28-7)27232927106

    Posted JAN 8, 2025 10:02PM

    -- The Nets seem to be shaking the rust off as they dropped their last game of 2024 to the Magic and the first game of 2025 to the Hornets.

    “It was a strange turn of events,” joked starting point guard Keith Perkins. “But this is why we play every night. Just because we think we should beat somebody doesn’t mean we will.”

    This is Brooklyn’s second straight win in what they are hoping to be a bit of a streak.

    “The season is long,” said Nets assistant coach Kobe Bryant. “We don’t expect to go 82-0. You want to string together as many win streaks as possible. Fifteen straight wins here, ten straight wins there. You may lose two or three in between and that’s to be expected. It’s okay.”

    The Knicks came into this game with a .500 record, holding on to the 10th spot in the Eastern Conference. With the playoffs three months away, they are looking to move up in the standings. Currently playing without point guard Ryan Russell, they didn’t expect to walk away with an easy win.

    Iman Shumpert took the reins and started alongside Gary Payton II tonight with Evan Fournier coming in as sixth man. The combination has been hot and cold as the Knicks have gone 2-2 in their last four games since losing Russell.

    New York started hot, taking a five point lead in the first quarter and managing to hold it through the first half. We’re not sure what Derek Baldwin and Bryant told the players at halftime, but someone flipped a switch as Brooklyn outscored New York by seven points in the third quarter to take a one point lead.

    “It was a simple fix, we needed to step up our interior defense,” said Baldwin. “They had 38 of their first half points in the paint. They had gone to the free throw line eleven times. We needed to fill up the paint and put an end to it. Crash the boards, run out, get buckets.”

    Simple as 1, 2, 3.

    A lot of those fast break points came from beyond the arc as Joe Hood and Perkins combined for 6 three point shots in the second half.

    “It’s a Michigan thing,” said Hood. Hood led the bench in scoring with 20 points. He and Perkins are both Michigan natives and Michigan State alumni.

    Brooklyn hit 61% of their shot attempts and went 8-8 from the free throw line.


    Shareef O'Neal

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