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Thread: Theater of Broken Dreams.

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    "How many of them hookers did you dip your dick into?" Trevor gently shoved his elbow into Thomas' shoulder as he showed Thomas the Sportscenter update on his phone regarding Louisville's latest sex scandal.

    "None," Thomas shrugged, "I mean, some of them girls looked good and I was there for the party but when I saw rubbers getting taken out, I dipped the fuck out. Besides, I never pay for pussy."

    "Them black whores," Frank shook his head, "Let me find out you're out here spilling your seed into them no good, nappy headed hoes and you can kiss smoking some of the finest weed this side of the fucking Mississippi goodbye,"

    "Relax," Trevor said as he placed his hands on his older brother's shoulder, "Tommy boy over here knows what's good for him, you should see that broad he's been banging. What's her name? Alex?"

    "Alexis," Thomas sighed, "She's not all that and she's not my broad either, just a little distraction."

    "Either way," Trevor cut him off, "She's a good looking sweetheart, I'm talking huge fucking tits and probably a tight fucking pussy!"

    "Ewwwww!" Samantha yelled, drawing a huge laugh out of the guys.

    "You're just mad he's not just giving you the good ole pipe now," Trevor chuckled.

    Samantha simply shook her head before she redirected her attention to her phone, making sure she didn't make eye contact with Thomas. She had handled their 'breakup' relatively well and understood that when Thomas went off to college, there was no point in expecting him to remain faithful. They had been best friends before they started dating and it seemed natural to go back to that. With that being said, Thomas knew that it must be hard for her to hear the tales of his conquest. He couldn't even imagine having to hear about what she was up to while he was away.

    "I don't remember it being this far away," Thomas changed the subject as he started to see the already pretty well attended bonfire.

    "If old ass Frank over here drove anything faster," Trevor scoffed.

    "Are you forgetting what's in the trunk of this fucking car, dude?" Frank defended himself as he shot Trevor a cold stare, "Exactly, simmer the fuck down kid."

    "Whatever," Trevor sucked his teeth, "Let's get the fuck on bitches!"

    Trevor quickly hopped out of the car and the other three followed, joining the rest of the crowd that were already there. Thomas sighed as he already recognized a couple of familiar faces, mainly from junior high before he went over the city limits to play over at Charlestown. He had mixed feelings about this encounter with so many faces from the past. He was happy to see them but at the same time, he always figured the next time he saw them he would be heading for the NBA Draft, not suspended off the team while his team had just beaten the number two team in the country.

    "Tommy fucking Shelby!" yelled someone and before Thomas could make who it was, he was soon bear hugged and lifted off of his feet.

    "Jesus Christ Ricky," Thomas couldn't help but smile as he was finally put to the grown by the only guy he was ever afraid of in elementary school.

    "Dude! Dude! Hey! Jesse, come the fuck over here! This is Thomas fucking Shelby kid!" Ricky yelled as he now had Thomas in a headlock and parading him around the crowd, "Beer, food, weed, fucking my mother's pussy dude, just fucking ask me."

    "I'll take the beer," Thomas chuckled, "What's up with you Richard?"

    "Don't fucking call me that now," Ricky joked, "Unless I came out of your pussy or cumming in your twat, you can't call me that. Now, if you want to become the latter by the end of the night, I'm fucking open to a negotiation kid!"

    "Same fucking old man," Trevor interjected as he handed Thomas a beer.

    "How's life over there at, huh, what's the name of that fucking school Jesse? Yeah, Louisville."

    "Not good," Thomas scoffed,"I'm actually suspended right now over some schoolwork bullshit but I'll be back when it counts,"

    "You better be," Ricky let out a boisterous laugh before somehow losing himself into the crowd.

    The rest of the evening was some variation of that incident repeated over and over again. He had taken the trip back home to get away from the Louisville bullshit but it seemed to follow him everywhere he went with people constantly asking him about Louisville bullshit. But by the end of the night, mostly everyone had welcomed the prodigal son back home and it went business as usual with a couple quasi-consensual hook ups near the lake.

    "I actually like this hair style," Katie said as she kept caressing Thomas' head, "Makes him, look, I don't know....rough. Like he knows how to treat a woman good but also will put a broad in check,"

    "I like the old hair better," Samantha shrugged.

    "I'm still here you know," Thomas chuckled as he was now completely laying down on her lap, "And I prefer broads that don't need to be put in check,"

    "You know what I mean," she said as she started to move her hands further and further down his chest, "Sometimes a girl just want to feel, I don't know, overpowered but also safe. Kind of like when you banging and choking a broad, you need to make me feel like I can't breathe but I also can breathe, you know?"

    "You're such a whore," Samantha scoffed as she abruptly got up.

    "He never complained," she quickly shot back.

    Realizing the situation was about to escalate, Thomas quickly sat up and got between the two. It was one thing for Samantha to hear about his exploits, it was another to see one slowly unfold in front of her. Little did she know, Thomas and Katie had hooked up numerous times during their relationship.

    "Everyone ju...."

    Before Thomas could finish his sentence, he overheard a much louder, a much more threatening altercation happening closer to the bonfire. They all looked at each other in confusion before Thomas quickly made his way towards the commotion, moving bodies out of his way as he made it closer to the front.

    "What the fuck is going on?" Thomas asked as he realized that Frank, as usual, was the source of the issue.

    "You handle this Tommy," Frank said as he threw his hands up, "You know how to talk to them monkeys!"

    "What did you call me?!" said someone from the other side as they made their way closer to Frank.

    "Let's all calm down!" Thomas yelled as he was now standing squarely in the middle between the two crowds.

    He quickly scanned for faces, hoping to recognize someone that he knew could help him resolve this. He soon realized the source of Frank's anger as he noticed a common theme.

    "He didn't mean that," Thomas said in a gentle tone, "He's just, you know, he gets wasted and he starts talking crazy shit."

    "You better check your boy," he replied, still breathing heavily.

    "I will," Thomas reached out his hands, "I'm Tommy, what's your name?"

    "Darius," he finally calmed down and shook Thomas' hands, "I'm not trying to start no shit man, we just came over here to chill out and all of a sudden, some of my boys go to talk to one of them girls and he start talking that reckless shit. That pure fucking bloodline shit man!"

    "He's an idiot," Thomas sighed, "But he's my idiot, okay? I don't, I don't agree with what he says, alright, but he's my man, you understand right? Can you do me a solid, here, please? Let me just take his drunk ass home and we can j..."

    "Go back to Africa!"

    The next sound that Thomas heard was the sound of a bottle flying over his head before striking someone in the face. He froze as he turned around to see an array of bottles heading straight towards the opposing crowd. Thomas covered his head as he tried to break up the situation but within seconds, the two sides had met and it was just a series of flying fists and bottles. A couple of people tried to grab at Thomas but he managed to fight them off as he looked around for Trevor. As soon as he spotted him, he was punched in the stomach and fell to his knees before he was pummeled to the ground by what felt like at least three or four dudes. They continued to kick him before shots were fired, seemingly into the air.

    Thomas slowly started to get up, frantically looking around to assess the situation. It had turned into a full scale melee and he knew the optics of it would be bad. He tried to once again find Trevor and hopefully Samantha this time but he was soon grabbed and dragged a couple of yards before he realized who it was.

    "We gotta get outta here Tommy!" Trevor yelled with cut marks all over his face.

    "Where's fucking Samantha?!" Thomas pushed Trevor away and continued to look around but Trevor once again dragged him away from the mob and towards the road.

    "I'm sure she got away," Trevor reasoned, "Right now, I need you away from this fucking shit storm. Pride of Roxbury, remember? Let's fucking go, dude!"

    Thomas looked around one last time before taking a deep breathe and following Trevor towards his car.

    "What about your brother?" Thomas asked as they got closer to the car.

    "He's already in the car," Trevor assured him, pointing to the large silhouette in the passenger seat of the car.

    "What the fuck was that?!" Thomas yelled as soon as they got in the car, "And we're leaving without Samantha?!"

    "No niggas allowed," Frank chuckled, "That's my one fucking rule, Tommy!"

    "Fuck man," Thomas sighed as Trevor ignited the car, "Let's just fucking go, man."

    Thomas slammed his head into the back of the passenger side seat as he muttered a few unrepeatables under his breath to himself. Getting into a scuffle when hanging out with Frank was par for the course but this had taken it to a whole new level. He felt his breathe shortening as he thought back to him laying on the ground, getting pummeled and those gun shots. For all knew, that was it. To make matters worse, he had no idea where Samantha was. As shitty as he sometimes treated her, he cared for her, he loved her. Just the thought of something terrible happening to her brought him chills.

    Just as Thomas was getting lost in his thoughts, he heard the unmistakable sound of police sirens being turned on right behind them. He lifted his head up and turned around to confirm that they were in fact getting pulled over. Trevor and Frank gave each other a certain look which was followed by Trevor flooring his left foot and sending the car into it's top speed.

    "What the fuck?!" Thomas yelled out as he frantically turned around to see the sight of now several cops chasing them.

    Thomas' imperative yet perhaps rhetorical question was left unanswered as Trevor continued to race around the highway traffic, whizzing by cars and trucks. Soon, three other cop cars joined in while Trevor and Frank started to argue but they were so loud -- and Thomas was so disinterested -- that he just silenced them out. The argument took Trevor's focus on the road and he nearly crashed into the back of car but was able to swerve out of the way at the last minute. The car came to a grinding halt and were soon entrapped by three police cars.

    "Jesus Christ man," Thomas was barely able to get out as six cops came rushing out of their cars with their guns drawn.

    "Alright," Trevor sighed, "Frank and I will take the heat for evading, you were just passed out drunk in the back."

    "Yeah," Frank took a deep breath, "Also, you had no idea what was in the trunk."

    "What....what was in the trunk?" Thomas stammered.

    "You don't want to know," Frank scoffed.
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    damn. thomas needs to transfer to the west coast if he gets out of this

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    Damn, this shot really picked up. solid update

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    "Damn Thomas," Donovan laughed as he helped racked the weight off his roommate's chest, "Back at it again with the PRs!"

    "Easy money," Thomas replied calmly as he slapped his chest.

    "My mans was locked up for a few hours and already got on the swole life," Donovan started to laugh but quickly stopped when Thomas' cold stare met him back.

    "I'm getting tired of this weight lifting shit," Thomas changed the course of the conversation, "Y'all boys look like y'all could use me after that the past two games,"

    "We beat Carolina without you so simmer down," Donovan chuckled, "But yeah, we gonna need you down the stretch even if we not playing for anything,"

    "That's bullshit," Thomas shook his head, "We wasn't even here when that shit happened,"

    "I know," Donovan shrugged, "I'm just trying to get some PT and build on for next year. I'm surprised coach let you back on the team after what went down,"

    Thomas stopped for a second and hesitated to get into it but he figured he at least owed Donovan an explanation.

    "I wasn't even charged," Thomas replied, "Only reason I spent the night was because they had some questions and could legally hold me for a few hours,"


    "The shit wasn't mine," Thomas held his hands up, "And that's the God honest truth. One minute, I'm at a bonfire and the next minute, I'm trying to break up a fight and then shit just happen and I just dipped."

    "But that guy you was with," Donovan started to poach, which drew the attention of the other players near them "You know him like that?"

    "Frank just stupid dude," Thomas said in a dismissive tone, "He's not really about that action,"

    "What about you?" Damion joined in on the conversation, standing nearly face to face with Thomas, "Those tattoos look a whole lot different to me now,"

    "Step off mate," Deng stepped in and separated the two, "We're not doing this bullshit again, you girls had your little fun doing practice today."

    "Nah," Damion swatted Deng's hands away from his chest, "We gonna need an explanation, real talk. And I don't want to hear no bullshit about you was just there,"

    "It ain't nothing to be explained," Donovan defended his roommate, "We all been at the wrong place, at the wrong time."

    "I ain't never been with a fucking trash ass, piece of shit white trailer park inbred motherfucker. Speak for yourself D,"

    "Check yourself kid," Thomas said with a stern tone.

    "Or what nigga?!"

    Damion and Thomas were now face to face with Damion staring him down while Thomas simply shook his head. He had just gotten back on the team due to his improving grades and was just trying to ride out his last few games at Louisville before declaring for the draft. He didn't need this.

    "He's not worth it mate," Deng pulled Thomas away and escorted him out of the weight room.

    Thomas stayed quiet as he moved through the lonely corridors that led into the locker room. He looked at the walls that were decked with previous Cardinal greats and it had finally donned on him that his picture was never going to be up there. He had made peace with that. Many great NBA players didn't have storied college careers, hell, some of them never went to college.

    He took his shirt off and sat in front of his locker room before the peace and quiet was disturbed by the sound of the door opening followed by footsteps. He raised his head to see Ryan.

    "Not you again," Thomas sighed before getting up and once again following him into coach Pitino's office.

    "If this is about what just happened," Thomas said before he even took a seat, not even noticing coach wasn't the only one in the room.

    "Take seat," Coach Pitino said in a much more gentler voice than their previous conversations, "I know we had planned to pull your suspension for the Syracuse game but unfortunately son, that's not going to happen. Now, I wish I could tell you when you're going to be able to play again but that'd be a lie."

    "I'm doing good coach," Thomas pleaded, "Right now I have two Bs and one C but that's probably going to turn into at least a B-minus by next week once we get our scores back, I'm doing everything you asked me.

    "It's not your grades," coach replied as he pointed to the stoic lady sitting adjacent to Thomas.

    "There's been a groundswell movement by certain student organizations," she said as she pulled out two copies that looked like cities permit, "They've already filed to be allowed to protest outside the arena for Wednesday night's game,"

    "What the fuck is this?"

    "People have questions about what happened with you when you were arrested," she responded flatly.

    "I wasn't arrested," Thomas quickly shot back, "I was questioned and then freed of charges,"

    "It's not about the guns or even the tar heroin," she scoffed, "It's about the two guys that you were with, the Lemansky brothers. It's the social media age and it didn't take long for people to realize who they were and what they stood for,"

    "Frank and Trevor?" Thomas asked confused, "You talk about them like they're some sort of militia with this whole 'Lemansky brothers' bullshit."

    "Given the recent events and racial climate of this country," she took a deep breathe, "It's not a good look for one of our student athletes to be arrested with a known member of a Neo Nazi group,"

    "He hangs out with a couple of the wrong guys okay?" Thomas defended his long time friend.

    "With everything that happened at Missouri," coach Pitino finally spoke, "We can't....we can't play you, son. I'm sorry, not right now."

    "We can spin this though," she quickly injected herself back into the conversation, "You sit out the Syracuse game, let the movement die down a little bit. You come out with a statement saying that you were simply in a dangerous situation at the bonfire and got into the car to help you get out of there in a state of panic. You deny knowing the guns and heroin were in the car, obviously, and that you don't know the Lemansky brothers very well and that you don't support anything that they do and that you are willing to help the police in their case against them and get those drugs off the street of your hometown."

    "No," Thomas quickly replied, "Those guys? The fucking Lemansky brothers? They didn't have to take the rap, they could have divided up those guns and drugs amongst all three of us and taken the least time possible. They didn't. They owned up to that shit and took it. They protected me and I don't give a fuck if they were SS guards, I'm not fucking say that shit, okay."

    "Listen Thomas," coach sighed as he leaned in on his desk, "You're a white guy from Boston in a sport full of blacks, this doesn't die here okay? You jump to the NBA? Guess what? This follows you. You transfer schools? This follows you. They didn't protect you, son. Protecting you would be not evading the police, protecting you would be not allowing you got into a car with them that has a fucking twenty year sentence in the trunk. That's protecting you."

    "You know what coach?" Thomas scoffed as he got up, "I'd love to say that it's been a pleasure playing under you but it really hasn't."

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    Oh snap

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    "What are you doing?"

    Alexis slowly rolled over and tried to make out the shadow that was making it's away across her room. Thomas stopped and turned around before continuing getting dressed, picking layer after layer off clothes off the floor.

    "I'm about to head out,"

    "Where?" she asked as she sat up, turning on the her nightstand lamp to see Thomas now fully dressed.

    "Colin and them are throwing a little get together tonight," Thomas said as he looked around for his wallet, "I knew you had a test tommorow so I didn't even bother asking you,"

    "So do you," she muttered.

    "I don't go to school anymore sweetheart," Thomas chuckled, "I'm literally just waiting for the email anytime now telling me that my scholarship has been terminated,"

    "You should talk to your coach," she groaned as she was now sitting on the edge of the bed, "Tell him, you know, you're sorry or whatever and maybe you can come back,"

    "Come back to what?" he scoffed, "The season is practically over with the sanctions and shit, I'm definitely not coming back next year so yeah, it's basically over. Tried the college experience, didn't love it."

    "You're such an ass," she said as she went back under the covers.

    Thomas opened his mouth to defend himself but realized that if she had given up on the argument and given him an out, he was going to take it. He threw on a jacket and opened the door before following a pack of wide eyed, bushy tailed fellow freshmen towards the dorm hall exit. One of them held the door open and spotted the all-too-noticeable Thomas who simply smiled and thanked her for holding the door.

    "Hey," she said before Thomas turned around, "I'm Cassie,"

    "Like the dog?" Thomas smiled, "I'm Thomas like the...I don't know."

    "That's funny," she flatly replied, "Well, we're kind of looking for a place to party and we were just going to wander around until we found one but I get the feeling we'd be much safer if we just went where you're going."

    "Partying on a Wednesday night?" Thomas shook his head in disapproval, "I don't approve of that behavior, young ladies."

    "Patriarchal bullshit," whispered one of the girls in the back just loud enough for Thomas to hear and when she noticed he did, she quickly buried her face in her phone.

    "I'm going to a little get together with a couple of my guys," he said as he pointed to the residence hall about a football field away, "You're welcome to come along,"


    "I can't hear you," Thomas said despairingly.

    The 'little get together' had grown into a full scale party as strangers continued to straggle inside. Thomas shook his head as he poured down another bottle of cheap beer and observed a couple of girls dancing the middle of the living room. Soon, they were engulfed by a sea of guys with their cameras out. Thomas had now completely stopped paying attention to what Cassie was saying and was just now people watching.

    "Are you listening to me?" Cassie pleaded in a clearly intoxicated manner, "I feel like you're not listening to me"

    "That's because I'm not," Thomas let out a deep breathe before he got up and found Colin in a midst of co-eds.

    "Wicked party dude," Colin said as he grabbed Thomas by the collar, "Let's make it more wicked bro,"

    Colin pulled out a couple of tablets and Ziplock bag, drawing a smile out of Thomas as they left the dorm and made their way towards the staircase before walking to the passage that separated the two college dorms. It was too small of an alley for security to get through on their golf carts and the slope of the hill allowed them to see anyone who was coming.

    "So much for a small fucking function," Thomas shook his head as he took a pull, "What the fuck man?"

    "I know man," Colin replied, "People are just fucking tired bro, spring break is not for another two weeks. And Louisville basketball, is well, you know. They beat Pitt tonight though,"

    "Hooray," Thomas replied sarcastically before passing it on.

    Thomas leaned in against the wall as he closed his eyes and allowed the high to take him over. He had gone a few months without smoking but now he could smoke whenever he wanted to, at least until he declared. Their peaceful time was interrupted by the unmistakable sound of someone throwing up. Colin and Thomas looked at each other before exchanging laughs but when the subject of the vomiting made their way into the alley, it stopped being a laughing matter.

    "Private function lady!" Colin yelled at the end of the corridor but the girl continued to sloppily make her way towards them, "Fuck man, Tommy do something."

    "Hey," Thomas approached her, "What are you doing? Go back inside before campus security finds you and marks your ass,"

    "I find my car," she replied as she finally was able to regain her balance, "My parents are going to kill me,"

    The light finally hit her face and even with the smeared makeup, Thomas could tell that she wasn't a college student.

    "How old are you?"

    "Old enough to suck your dick," Colin laughed as they were both standing over her as she had now taken a seat on the grass.

    "Sweetheart," Thomas helped her up, "You're not getting behind a car. Just crash here, take your car tommorow. I'm sure Colin won't mind,"

    "I'm sure Colin will fucking mind," Colin tapped Thomas on his shoulder, "I can't have an underage girl at my dorm bro,"

    "Fuck man," Thomas muttered, "Fine, I'll drive you home. Where's your car?"

    "I don't know," she said, "That's why I'm here, remember?"

    "How are you getting back home?" Colin asked as he trailed the two.

    "I'll get an Uber or some shit,"

    Thomas ignored the roaring laughter of Colin and guided her through the student parking lot as they looked for her car. After a good ten minutes of walking around and constant clicking of her car remote, they finally found the Jeep.

    "How do you even have a car yet?"

    "It's my sisters," she said as she instantly reclined the passenger seat and laid down, "She kinda....maybe..possibly...doesn't know that I took it,"

    "Jesus," Thomas turned the car on, "How old are you?"

    "I'm sixteen," she replied, "You couldn't tell right? Like, I totally pass for nineteen right?"

    "You don't sweetheart. Now what's your address?"

    Thomas pulled out his phone and waited for her answer in order for him to put it into his GPS but after a few seconds of silence, he realized that she was now passed out. He shook her a couple of times but she simply groaned. Thomas gave up and simply went looking around for her wallet and soon found them. He pulled out her license and quickly found her address. He shrugged once he realized that she only lived about twenty minutes away and the Uber back wouldn't cost him that much, especially on a Wednesday night.

    It seemed like an even better idea once they were on the quiet road. Between the mini fight with Alexis and the constant talking of Cassie at the party on top of mind numbing techno music, Thomas was happy to just be able to listen to his thoughts. It had been a hectic few weeks and he felt that he had never been able to catch it's breath. It seemed that things just kept hitting him one after the other, if it wasn't trouble back home, it was trouble at school. He had always thought that going away to Louisville would fix everything. He'd be away from his toxic family and finally reach his true potential, reach self actualization. But the hard cold truth was that Thomas wasn't a victim to his circumstances. He was a victim to himself.

    The sound of a blow horn quickly awaken Thomas and shifted his focus back on the road. His heart nearly jumped out of his chest before he saw the eight wheeler whiz by his car. He had gotten lost in his thoughts and the car was now partially in two lanes before he realized it and was now firmly in the left lane but not before a police siren wen t off behind him.

    "Just my luck," Thomas muttered before he reached over to wake her up but she was now passed out. Before he could even lean forward to reach for the car registration, a blinding light was shun on his face.

    "Licence and registration please," the officer said as Thomas tried to turn his face away.

    The officer peaked inside the car before now shunning the light on her seemingly lifeless body.

    "Step out of the vehicle sir," he commanded as he took a step away from the car and placed his hand on his holstered weapon.

    Thomas chuckled softly as he unlocked the car. It was one of the few instances where he was actually in the right and in due time, he'd be cleared. Here he was being a good Samaritan and getting pulled over for it.

    "Listen," Thomas said as he tried to get out of the car but fell face first into the pavement.

    He had slowly sipped a couple of beers throughout the night and they quickly added up. Not to mention the couple of pills he popped and the half a blunt he smoked in the alley. He tried to pick himself up but fell back down again, this time nearly busting his nose.

    "Fuck," he muttered to himself as the officer radio'd in for paramedics.

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    Tommy aint never making it to the league

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    good stuff as usual. looking forward to this next update

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    Really Tommy? The fuck dude?

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