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    Slice of Heaven

    My Friends Call Me Mikey

    Christopher rolled the window down some more, trying to get rid of the foul scent of cigarettes that filled up the car. Johnny was like a brother to him but if it's one thing he hated more than anything was those damn cigarettes. Johnny would go through at least a few packs a day as few moments passed by where he didn't have a Marlboro between his lips. As much as Christopher hated those damn cigarettes, he recognized that it beat the alternative of Johnny going through at least three or four lines just to be functional.

    "I'm telling you Chrissy," Johnny said as he tapped on the steering wheel in excitement, "We do this thing right for Frankie and we're set. No more fucking 12 to 5s,"

    "How do you figure that?" Christopher replied nonchalantly.

    "Once Frankie gets made, who's he gonna look to to run shit down by the boardwalk?"

    "Run what exactly, Johnny?" Christopher asked, "We haven't made a fucking dime since the Silvio job,"

    "All we need is a bank, someone to front us. You think like one of those mulignans some time, you have to see the bigger picture. This thing runs smoothly, we can start looking back into pushing dope."

    "You can't be serious," Christopher scoffed, "I still can't show my face back in Cherry Hill and you're talking about pushing dope again? Let's just do this job, get paid and then, let's talk about future endeavors. But until I'm back home with my nonna safe and sound, leave the fucking grand scheming alone."

    Johnny started to open his mouth but simply shook his head before pulling up to the coffee shop and parking the car by the curb. While Christopher and Johnny were like peas in a pod, they were cut from totally different cloth. Johnny had aspirations of running New Jersey liked he'd seen in those movies and documentaries he saw all the time, that people's eyebrows would raise when they heard the name Johnny Tagliano. But he was twenty-six years old with no steady income and a baby on the way. Christopher was different as he didn't idolize this way of life, he simply saw it as an ends to a mean.

    "My man Frankie!" Johnny said with much enthusiasm as the three men exchanged greetings.

    "I was afraid you guys might chicken out," Frankie said as he spat out his piece of gum, "Let's take a walk."

    "We just need the final go," Johnny said, "Leave the rest to us."

    "I still don't understand why you can't do it yourself," Christopher spat out, "It's a one man job, why split it three ways? Makes no fucking sense to me."

    Johnny shot Christopher a death stare, knowing well that they both needed the extra cash even though Christopher's remarks were true.

    "Think of it as a trial run Chrissy," Frankie chuckled, "Do I really wanna branch out and start getting a crew together for a tough job? Nah, I'll rather it be something easy like this. This is a big fucking deal, okay? I show Jimmy that I'm a versatile earner and I'll be in it before you know it, okay?"

    "Don't forget about us when you make it big my friend," Johnny added.

    Frank Sirico was a big deal in the neighborhood as everyone knew him as the guy that got things done. Nothing happened without Frank knowing about it and some kind of percentage kicking up to him. Christopher and Frank always butted heads, dating back to when they were both captains of the football team in high school. Christopher always viewed Frank as the version of himself had he not gone off to college for those three semesters and earned his stripes instead. Frank definitely had the heart but his brains left much to be desired but he made through brute strength and intimidation to become one of the neighborhood's biggest bosses and was on his way to being made.

    "10:30, 42nd street, behind that warehouse. Simple grab and go, shouldn't be much heat there."

    "You got it," Johnny responded as they shook hands.

    "Don't forget the masks," Frankie said before they parted ways.

    "We're not fucking amateurs," Christopher shot back before walking back to the car.


    "Let's just fucking go already," Johnny said as he pulled the ski mask down over his face, "Maybe they're just early,"

    "It's not even 10 yet," Christopher reassured him, "Maybe it's another truck."

    "You telling me they're gonna unload all that shit before 10:30? Come on, that's the truck."

    "What's supposed to be in there anyway?"

    "He didn't say," Johnny lit another cigarette as they stood about 250 yards from the truck in question.

    "You didn't fucking ask him? We're just gonna take and drive a truck across the fucking state without knowing what's in it?"

    "I didn't see you have so many questions when he offered the job," Johnny scoffed, "Let's fucking go okay? Maybe they're early and if we let them go, we're fucking done. Good luck finding another score in this town once Frankie finds out we let his truck go,"

    Christopher had qualms about the situation and it was his gut that had gotten him this far in the game. But three grand for one job was nearly three month's salary in just a matter of hours and it was a low risk job with no sign of security anywhere near.

    "Fuck it, let's go."

    The two started to slowly walk up to the truck, with them separating once they got within 75 yards or so with Johnny going towards the back of the truck, where three men were unloading the contents of the truck into the small warehouse. From a far, it looked like it was just three loaders with just one driver but as they got closer and closer, they soon realized that there was another car parked out near the truck. But by then it was too late as they were already within earshot of the truck.

    "Hold it right there! Listen, let's make this easy for everybody here! Y'all don't get paid nearly enough for this am I right? So let...."

    "Who the fuck are you?!" one of the men interrupted, chuckling as he seemed unfazed by the pair of guns pointed at them.

    "I'm the one with the fucking gun, how about that?!"

    "Easy gentlemen," Christopher interjected, "Let's just load the track back up and then I want everybody in that little storage room and we'll call the cops to let y'all out? Sounds good?"

    "Do you know who's truck this is? Yo Mike, check out these bastards!"

    Out from the car came a guy in his late 50s but with jet black hair.

    "Stay right where the fuck you are!" Johnny yelled, quickly realizing that this wasn't a simple grab and go.

    Michael Benetto was a made guy and by all accounts, a mentor of Frankie's. Benetto wasn't from around their part of town as he ran most of the activities in Jersey City but was known to grab a drink or two by Biago's on 21st street. He was one of Freddie Macchio's capos and one of the most respected guys in Jersey. Benetto was everything that Johnny inspired to be and made Frankie, who was a giant to the people from the neighborhood, look like a nobody.

    "I think, and you gentlemen might agree, that it's in the best interest of everyone here, especially yourselves, that you put these guns down. This surely must be a huge misunderstanding," Michael said as he approached the two men, "I'm Michael, Michael Benetto. My friends call me Mikey and the decision you guys make right now will decide whether or not you get to call me Mikey. Here is what's going to happen, okay? You're going to place the guns on the floor and kick them to Bennie over there and then you will proceed to take your masks off and we'll have a civilized discussion."

    Christopher looked at Johnny for a brief moment before slowly placing the gun on the floor and taking off his mask. Johnny, realizing that they were outnumbered, reluctantly followed suit.

    "You recognize these ragazzi?" Michael asked one of his men.

    "Ho visto loro in giro con Frankie," added one of them, "low bottom thugs."

    "Frankie? Sirico?"

    "Sė, il frocio che Tony piace tanto," answered the same guy, "Real tall man with the beard,"

    "We didn't know this was your stash, Mr. Benetto." Christopher ran through scenarios were they walked away with their lives intact and those were scarce.

    "So you work for Frankie,"

    "No, we work for ourselves." Johnny boasted with a smirk.

    "Ain't that Johnny Cakes? That's Johnny boy" one of the men recognized Johnny, which made their chance of survival even slimmer.

    "Your name is Johnny? I have a nephew whose n...,"

    Before Michael could finish his sentence, Johnny pulled out a small .22 from his back pocket and fired a few shots as he started running away. Caught off guard, Christopher quickly followed Johnny, holding his hands over the back of his head as the men returned fire. There was no place for cover in the empty parking lot as they made a bee line for their car. Christopher ran as fast as he could, passing by Johnny who continued to unload his gun into Michael's crew. Christopher finally reached the car, ducking for cover as he waited for Johnny to reach him with the keys. A few seconds went by and still no Johnny as Christopher hid besides the side of the car.

    He slowly raised his head, trying to figure out how far Johnny was. He scanned the parking lot and saw no sign of Johnny and only saw the slew of Michael's men heading towards of him. Christopher's eyes finally reached Johnny, who was laid out against the concrete floor with a pool of blood around him. Christopher froze, realizing that his best friend was gone and he soon would join him.

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    I will be posting my short stories in these threads. Most of these stories will be just the climax of different stories that I've thought about writing, which is why it's called Slice of Heaven.
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    [Today 6:58 PM] CountdowNxx : if you think a bunch of overrated thugs running through smoke is better than Osceola planting the burning spear at midfield then I don't know what to say to you
    [Today 11:27 PM] BazeGOAT : I'm gonna enjoy watching the Patriots lose some time in the next month.

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