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Thread: The Soapbox.

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    The Soapbox.

    I tried my best to stifle my laughter as he barely was able to pull the lever back. He continued to do sloppy rep after sloppy rep, barely keeping form as he grunted and screamed. I wasn't sure what to do or how to feel. I usually try to be supportive of anyone who even goes to the gym as many people simply put it off and refuse to get in shape. Yeah, the gym would be full the first day of the year or the couple of weeks leading up to the summer, but I usually tipped my hat off to anyone at the gym at 9 p.m. in the middle of September. But this guy kept adding more and more weight to the bar and every set got sloppier and sloppier, to the point that while to him it looked like he was getting stronger, he wasn't doing anything. If anything, he was getting weaker.

    At first it was funny. Then it got a little bit sad. And then I felt irritated. Sure his grunting was bothersome and the fact that he kept checking himself in the mirror after every time-wasting set made it quite annoying but I was more irritated by the fact that he thought he was getting something done, getting something accomplished. From the outside in, it looked like he was getting his swole on. He had at least three plates on each side and he surely grunted like he was getting something done. He wasn't. He just appeared to be a strong believer of the mantra that if you just keep working hard, you'll get something done. I don't buy that.

    Maybe that makes me lazy, and others have called me lazy because of this, but I don't think that's true. We live in a society where more is good and we often jump into things that we're not ready for, things that we just cant handle. I've often ran into freshmen that flaunt about taking 18 credits this semester only to get on Twitter and bitch about how much work they have to do. Yes, taking eighteen credits will certainly speed up the college process but if you fail three of those classes and end up having to re-take them, what have you accomplished?

    We often do this with relationships because more is good, right? You're not quite ready to be in a committed, serious relationship but we jump right in it because it's the thing to do and it fills up our Twitter bio and Facebook status. We're so afraid of being alone that we'll rather jump into something with someone that we're not really sure about because it's the thing to do. When you're young and stupid, it's quite harmless. Sure, tears will be shed and subtweets will be tweeted but besides that, it's quite the harmless, learning experience. The danger is when couples get married too early, have a kid and then split up. That child now has to suffer and go through the undoubtedly confusing trauma known as divorce. I don't know how many times I've heard one of my friends tell me that he has to go to court because of a custody battle or the fact that their spending the week-end at their dads this time. Oh, I remember how many time now. Way too many.

    So keep adding more weight buddy and keep grunting and screaming. And keep telling me how you're working so hard this semester by taking 18 credits. And keep on posting heart eyes emojis with each other's name next to them on Twitter only to delete all your pictures together on Instagram a month later. You might not be getting anything done but it surely looks like it from the outside in.


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    The feels.

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    my boy.

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    Plot twist soapy is the guy lifting

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