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    Writing tips

    I'm no english major but I like to think I have a pretty good command of the language. There are a number of very good writers on this site and hopefully we can all add to this and help each other improve our writing here and elsewhere.

    My tips:

    1. Maintain a consistent tense.
    I see a lot of instances where writers are constantly switching tense, it's very easy to do. You don't want to be switching between words like "was" and "is" or "were" and "are".

    2. Maintain a consistent point of view.
    One of the other most common things I see is people switching between first person and third person. Another one that is easy to do, especially if you get attached to your characters. Remember to either use the third person as the narrator or first person as the character.

    3. Draw on your own experiences.
    You probably never scored the winning touchdown in the superbowl but maybe you had a somewhat similar experience. Remember how you felt when you got an A on your last math test? Use your own experiences and express your emotions to the reader, translated to the situation you are writing about.

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    I just want to chime in and drop one main nugget. Write about stuff that interests you and read up on said subject. Like for Sympathy for the Devil, I got the idea while watching a movie and I always had a thing for "gangster" movies and I knew a few friends in high school that were serving. So my main tip is write from a place of knowledge. If you've never been on a football team or close to a football team, then you probably shouldn't write about a football player. Write about something you know and if you still feel like you don't know enough: read and watch TV shows and movies regarding that subject.


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