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    Quote Originally Posted by Young(FAM) View Post
    If you don't fuck with Oxymoron and What they Want then you need to learn.
    they just don't stand out to me. Man of the Year is a party anthem, Collard Greens has my favorite artist on it and Studio is that song for the baes

    [Today 6:58 PM] CountdowNxx : if you think a bunch of overrated thugs running through smoke is better than Osceola planting the burning spear at midfield then I don't know what to say to you
    [Today 11:27 PM] BazeGOAT : I'm gonna enjoy watching the Patriots lose some time in the next month.

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    Lupe Fiasco-Tetsuo & Youth

    After what many people consider two "mediocre" releases, many people questioned if Lupe Fiasco had fallen off. A questionable announced design direction, along with more label delays and slightly underwhelming singles, all signs were pointing towards Tetsuo & Youth possibly being another disappointing release for the talented Chicago MC. Thanks to some help from hacker group Anonymous, Lupe and his fans finally got a set release date for his 5th studio album. A little while after, it was announced that Lupe would be released from his contract with Atlantic records. The album was finally released, so how does it stack up to his previous work.

    1. Summer-No Score
    2. Mural-4.25/5.0
    -A pure lyrical assault
    3. Blur My Hands (Feat. Guy Sebastian)-3.75/5.0
    4. Dots & Lines-3.75/5.0
    5. Fall-No Score
    6. Prisoner 1 & 2 (Feat. Ayesha Jaco)-4.5/5.0
    -Two wonderfully woven stories behind some excellent production
    7. Body of Work (Feat. Troi & Terrace Martin)-4.5/5.0
    8. Little Death (Feat. Nikki Jean)-4.5/5.0
    -A smooth smooth track
    9. No Scratches (Feat. Nikki Jean)-4.25/5.0
    10. Winter-No Score
    11. Chopper (Feat. Billy Blue, Buk of Psychodrama, Trouble, Trae tha Truth, Fam-Lay & Glasses Malone)-4.0/5.0
    -Banging Beat
    12. Deliver-4.25/5.0
    13. Madonna (And Other Mothers in the Hood) (Feat. Nikki Jean)-5.0/5.0
    -A beautifully crafted and presented masterpiece. Some of Lupe's finest work yet and the best Hip-Hop song I've heard since Sing About Me.
    14. Adoration of the Magi (Feat. Crystal Torres)-4.75/5.0
    -After all of the darker songs in this quarter of the album, this song was much needed.
    15. They. Resurrect. Over. New. (Feat. Ab-Soul and Troi)-4.25/5.0
    16. Spring-No Score

    Lupe shows he still has the skill and creativity to stand up with the top of the heap as he releases what may be his best and most complete album yet. He's embracing the freedom to experiment with his music and it worked out well here. New producers brought a new sound to the album. Experimentation is being utilized a lot more in Hip-Hop as of late, and it's good to see Lupe embrace it. On an album, without conceptual constraints, Lupe flexes his lyrical muscle and shows that he can get the most out of a subject matter as any rapper out there. Tetsuo & Youth is one of if not the best Hip-Hop album I've heard since MBDTF, while it may not be on that level, or even close to it, it's still a great Hip-Hop album and arguably Lupe's strongest to date.

    Overall Score-4.31/5.0

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    Tetsuo & Youth is one of if not the best Hip-Hop album I've heard since MBDTF

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